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Today is one of those days that is celebrated in our family. I have had family fight in every American War. My grandfather was in WWII, my uncle Clint was in Vietnam, my cousin’s husband Luke has been to Iraq, my brother in law was active duty for 4 years, he was stationed in Saudia Arabia he never saw combat he still did his part. My husband’s great grandfather was a marine in WWI his uncle Johnny was in Vietnam, his brother served in the Air Force. If it wasn’t for getting cancer he would have joined. Below are some of the pictures from different members of our family.

Karey is no longer in the service…

My kids tell every veteran that they see thank you, you know who they are, the men that wear the hats that say veteran, some of them are old men. A couple of years ago Mike and I were walking in the mall and I saw an older gentleman wearing one of those hats that say WWII veteran, I went up and thanked him for his service, he started crying and told me that he had been on Utah Beach on D-Day. In all the years since coming home he had never once been thanked for his service and sacrifice.

In honor of all those that have fought and continue to defend our freedom’s here are some of songs that have touched my heart.

This is a Christmas Tribute to the soldiers of WW I and a personal favorite




  1. Rowena

    What a great post Heather! I'm truly grateful for the servicemen and thanks for posting this because I needed to read this today.

    Happy Veteran's Day and thanks to all the soldiers and veterans for doing what they do.

  2. Heather

    Thanks…They sacrifice a lot for us.


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