The Billionaire Shifter’s True Alpha by Diane Seere PLUS Excerpt

Title: The Billionaire Shifter’s True Alpha

Series: Billionaire Shifter’s Club Book #5

Stand Alone Title: yes
Author: Diana Seere

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Blurb: Sophia Stanton is a confident billionaire bear shifter who enjoys the finer things in life — especially fine men. Unlike her twin brother, Derry, she has no plans to settle down with just one mate. Why limit yourself to a single taste when you can have a little lick of everything?

She’s rich. Powerful. Well-educated. A statuesque, sexually liberated woman who towers over most men and who turns into one of the most fearsome beasts in North America.

What man — or shifter — could give her what she truly needs?

Zach Hayden was an ordinary guy until an accident in Sophia’s brother’s research lab left him howling at the moon. Turned into a werewolf by the same serum he helped to create, biochemist Zach is now seven inches taller, has seventy pounds of new muscle, and, well — everything got bigger.

Unconvinced he’s adjusted to his transformation, the Stantons confine Zach at their family compound in Montana, where Sophia offers to teach him how to manage his new powers—and libido. But when they both hear The Beat, an old shifter legend that guarantees they are made for each other, is falling in love their fate — or is it just wishful thinking?

When her powerful family questions his motives and powers, can Zach rise to the occasion—

And become Sophia’s true alpha?

Thoughts: One thing I didn’t really like about the book was the heroine.  Sophia was just a bit too conceited and had such a high opinion of herself that it kind of turned me off.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a heroine who is confident and self-assured, but it seemed to just be a constant and overwhelming thing that overshadowed the rest of the book for me.  Otherwise it was a decent paranormal read, but probably not one that’s going to stand out in my mind a few months from now.

Rating: B-/C+

Excerpt:  Sophia Stanton would’ve recognized him even without the supernatural senses her bear shifter nature gave her. And right now every one of those senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste—was electric with the sudden charge of awareness. She registered his skin, his muscles, his blood, the wave of his hair, the tangy, tantalizing allure of his sweat.
She would’ve recognized him if he’d shrunk to a tenth of his original size, been dipped in blue paint, dressed as an elf, and stuck in a toy shop window with a price tag on his ear.
“You,” she whispered.
Him, a voice inside her echoed.
The pitcher of sangria in her hands suddenly felt like a brick, a millstone, a lifetime.
His lips parted, but only a soft, deep growl came forth.
Heat flooded her as she recognized the new part of him. Not completely human anymore, this man, the one who had humiliated her so long ago, yet the one she couldn’t forget.
No, she wouldn’t even admit it to herself. He hadn’t hurt her; he was simply a fool. An idiot. Too stupid to realize what a tremendous loss he’d suffered when he’d turned down her invitation last year. A real man—shifter or human—would’ve been honored. Real men begged for her attentions and thanked her profusely afterward, right before they begged for more.
Being a bear shifter, even a female bear shifter, she’d frequently indulged. Not as often as Derry—let’s be serious, her twin brother had been pathological in his sexual escapades before he’d gotten engaged to Jess—but as often as she pleased, which was quite often.
She wasn’t ashamed of who she was. Unlike her brother Gavin, who was always running from his nature, trying to control the wolf within, she reveled in who she was: a bear shifter with a passion for life. Not just sex, but adventure. Action. Achievement.
That night in the elevator, however, this man standing before her now with lust radiating from his eyes had turned her down as quickly and as forcefully as her previous lovers had begged for more.
But how things had changed. He didn’t look as if he would reject her now.


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