The Emperor’s Slave by Chera Zade

the emperors slaveTitle: The Emperor’s Slave
Author: Chera Zade
Genre: Historical, Erotic

I’ve done it! I’ve saved the life of the great Emperor Caligula. Imagine me, a lowly servant-girl of just nineteen summers, bringing this mighty man back from the brink of the underworld?

He repays me as only a God-in-Earth can, by inviting me into his chamber. But I am still innocent. I know nothing of the world of sensual pleasure that awaits me behind his gilded doors. All I know is that beyond them lies the most powerful man in the world and his retinue of handsome soldiers, senators, and gladiators, all ready to torture and pleasure my body until I scream for release.

My hands are bound. I am ready to submit myself to Caligula. I am ready to become the vessel for his darkest and most deviant fantasies. I am ready to become the Emperor’s Slave.

Thoughts: This is one of those books I picked up because of the cover. The last time I did that I discovered the awesome world of Kit Rocha.

Sadly this book while decent just didn’t work for me.

That being said if the author was to change/fix a few things this book would go from being decent to really good.

First what didn’t work for me.

This book takes place during ancient Roman Times, and while I admire the authors attempt at authenticity by having things in Latin, but the ONLY time she used it was to describe the various sex organs. As someone who knows Latin, and usually doesn’t mind having random foreign language words in her stories, every time the words came up, I was thrown out of the story. As this is an erotic book, it happens a lot. What makes it even worse is that at the end of the book she uses the modern terms for them.

The inconsistencies with one of the female characters Isis is another issue. At first she says they grew up together and then in the end she says she was trained in native land of Egypt as a mid-wife. Then there was a scene/plot line that occurs between Arianna (the heroine), and Isis, and an Egyptian witch, that I found completely unbelievable.

Then there’s the scene towards the end that I saw no point in. I get why she did it, but I think she could have found another way to do it. I won’t tell you what it was because while I found it disturbing, others might like it. I don’t know.

Now for what I liked…

Quiet a bit, actually I liked everything but those things. The overall story drew me in and had me turning the page as you never knew what insane thing the Emperor was going to come up with next. Plus I really liked Arianna.

You could tell the author had done her research as the relationship between the Emperor and Arianna was one that was very typical during that time.

So while the book wasn’t bad, isn’t wasn’t excellent either.

Grade C +


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