The Evolution of Us by D. Kelly PLUS GIVEAWAY

Title:  The Evolution of Us

Series: n/a

Author: D. Kelly

Genre:  Romance

Blurb: They say most people meet the person they will marry while in high school. Balancing one another perfectly, Holly Ryan and Declan James were together through most of college—until their relationship blew up, leaving Declan with more questions than answers.

For the past two years, Declan has tried everything he can think of to earn Holly’s forgiveness, but even if he manages to help her let go of the past and give them another chance at happiness, she still has a secret. Not to mention, she can’t get over the revolving door of women he seems to have coming in and out of his apartment.

Declan is desperate to prove to Holly she’s the one for him and isn’t above using his celebrity status or enlisting the help of their friends to win her back.
All’s fair in love and war, right?

Thoughts: Not only did the book switch back and forth between different points of view, but also between past and present, which I felt like was just too much switching around (for me anyway).  I had trouble connecting with the characters and just didn’t feel anything regarding them or the story.  From the beginning, the way the characters interacted just turned me off altogether, and for me it just went downhill from there.  While I feel many people would enjoy the story, it just didn’t hit the mark for me personally.

Rate:  C

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