The Promise of Love

The Promise of Love


Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Jamie Denton, Sylvia Day, Kate Douglas, and Kathy Love

No one is free of wounds from their personal history-yet some go deeper than others. Though stronger for it, everyone needs some support to overcome their stormy pasts. And nothing helps more than two big, strong arms pulling one tightly in to an even bigger heart; a man who knows how to respect and protect. These stories feature women who are survivors of bitter pasts, and the good men who have become stronger for understanding them. Together they can overcome anything, with a love born of compassion.

This is one of those really great summer reads. There are six short stories about couples overcoming their pasts and finding love.

Each of these stories is both heartbreaking and joyful as it shows just how those that have come from horrible backgrounds can overcome them.

All of the proceeds from this book go to One Way Farm. One Way Farm is a haven for abused and neglected kids.

This is one book that I feel everyone should buy, regardless of whether you read it or not. We adopted the boys from the foster care system, and during that process we had to go through several hours of training. In that training they told us in almost graphic detail what some of these kids have gone through. It is enough to make you sick.

I am so grateful for places like One Way Farm that provide a safe haven to these innocent children.

Grade A



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