The Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare

cover64880-mediumTitle:  The Ripple Effect

Series:  Rhiannon Murphy Book #3

Author:  J.A. Saare

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy

Blurb:   Sealing a deal with Heaven is as dangerous as starting a war with Hell. Rhiannan’s Law, Book 3Rhiannon Murphy’s homecoming party from a hellish future is more like a violation of her mind, the mining of her memories by her vampire lover, Disco. Now he knows everything that transpired—and her personal life is in shambles. Yet she has no choice but to push on to sever her debt to Marigold Vesta, the fallen angel who helped her return to her own time. Unfortunately this debt has a short due date, and failing to resurrect Marigold’s soul means Rhiannon must sacrifice her own body—or find a suitable substitute. Then death comes knocking at Rhiannon’s door. Disco’s maker is in New York with a bone to pick—preferably hers—but he’s not the only one out for her blood. Revenald, Marius’s half-demon creator, is out to bring her to her knees. Cornered, Rhiannon must turn once again to the fallen angel whose soul she’s trying to save. The penalties may be more than she can bear, but with nothing left to lose, it’s no longer about life or death. It’s about getting even. Warning: Content may not be suitable for those sensitive to dubious consent, rape, murder and/or violence. Fasten your seatbelts, secure your tray tables, and pop a couple of Dramamine. This ride is about to get bumpy.

Thoughts:  I knew this book was going to be oh-so-good….I simply couldn’t read the first two books in this series fast enough! And after the way things ended in The Renfield Syndrome – oh, yeah, this was a MUST READ for sure! And once again, this author does not fail to disappoint (have I mentioned how much I now LOVE J.A. Saare?)! I mean, WOW!….Talk about an amazing series! These are the books that you stay up all night reading because you just can’t put them down. You know you need to so you’ll have enough sleep to function – but you just HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

The emotions J.A. Saare kicks up in me throughout the book just makes me love them more – not only are they action packed, but the make you laugh, they make you frown, they make you angry….and in the case of this one, they even make you cry and spring a few tears. Can’t reveal too much without giving the story away, but you do not want to miss this book, or this series. Not to mention the fact that Rhiannon is such a kick-a@$ heroine – you mess with her to your own peril. And the girl doesn’t give up, even when the odds are all stacked against her. There is just too much to love about this book – and OMG I am going to be on pins and needles waiting to get to read book 4!!

One of my absolute new favorite series!

Rate:  A+


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