The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn

Title: The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy
Series: Smythe-Smith Quartet #4
Author: Julia Quinn
Genre: Historical Romance

Sir Richard Kenworthy has less than a month to find a bride. He knows he can’t be too picky, but when he sees Iris Smythe-Smith hiding behind her cello at her family’s infamous musicale, he thinks he might have struck gold. She’s the type of girl you don’t notice until the second—or third—look, but there’s something about her, something simmering under the surface, and he knows she’s the one.

Iris Smythe–Smith is used to being underestimated. With her pale hair and quiet, sly wit she tends to blend into the background, and she likes it that way. So when Richard Kenworthy demands an introduction, she is suspicious. He flirts, he charms, he gives every impression of a man falling in love, but she can’t quite believe it’s all true. When his proposal of marriage turns into a compromising position that forces the issue, she can’t help thinking that he’s hiding something . . . even as her heart tells her to say yes.

I enjoyed this book very much.  There was a secret and I seriously had no clue as to what it was until it was actually revealed.  I felt such pain to be decieved, even though I’m not the one that was wronged.

Sir Richard Kenworthy is in desperate need of a bride. Nobody fully knows why, but he just does.  For this to happen, he has to engage the most desperate of all the available ladies on the market.

His quest brings him to the Smythe-Smith family, where he met his diamond in the rough.  No, he did not fall in love, he just found the the most acceptable desperate lady, he needs.

With only one look at her, even with her washed out coloring, he knew that he has found the answer to his problem.

Isis Smythe-Smith is more intelligent than she lets on. She is an observer and with this skill, she reads people and their intentions simply by the way they act.

It helps that she has a pale complexion and a seemingly sly wit that helps her blend into the background, which is just the way she likes it. Observing people is her favorite hobby, so it came as a great frustration when Sir Richard Kenworthy show interest in her out off the blue.

The two instantly hit it off, but Isis was always suspicious, wondering just what is he up too.  After only a week in each other’s company, Richard ask’s for her hand in marriage.

Would Isis accept, knowing that Richard has an ulterior motive for marrying her?  Or would she be so delighted that someone has finally offered to marry her that she accepts?  Only way to find out is to read the book.

I enjoy reading Julia Quinn’s books.  They are always fun and diabolical. I should be mad that she made me like someone who I know I was going to despise later down in the book, but she did it in such a good way that I could not help but like Richard.

You see, there was a secret that Richard has and he needs Isis to help him with it.  The only problem is, the secret is a huge one and will effect the lives of everyone involved, or involved by extension, and Isis is the key to help sweep it under the rug.

I almost arrived at the ending of the book before the big secret was revealed and I felt a blow to my heart when the secret came to light, I was shocked and appalled, and Richard did not handle the falling out very well.  In fact, he was horrible at it.

It should be annoying that the author waited until she almost reached the ending before saying what the secret was, and usually you would be right.  This time it was different, the anticipation and the events that seem like the secret was finally going to be revealed only to have something interrupt the moment.

(SIGH) My heart was pounding just by reading this book.  Readers! This is definitely a book worth buying and when you do…

Thoughts: I loved the Suspense in the book

Grade: A+


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  1. jdh2690

    Well, I like suspense and I like romance and I like suspense with the romance, whether it comes in the beginning, middle or end. I also like Julia’s writing style. I don’t like the idea of Richards keeping a secret so long from his wife either (if my husband did it I think I’d tear his hair out or leave him flat!). During this particular time period though, women had to put up with crap like that…poor things. I’m already rooting for Iris and I haven’t even read the entire book yet! 🙂 Hey, thanks for the review and the post.


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