There All Along by Lauren Dane and Megan Hart

there all alongTitle: There all Along

  • Land’s End by Lauren Dane
  • By the Sea of Sand by Megan Hart

Genre: Futuristic

Bestselling authors Lauren Dane and Megan Hart deliver two stories of longing, lust, and love in futuristic worlds where love comes first—then survival…

“Land’s End” by Lauren Dane…The Land’s End highway is one of the most dangerous places in the universe. The constant peril of brigands keeps Verity Coleman stuck in Silver Cliffs, dreaming of the open road—and of Loyal Alsbaugh, the tall and silent highway patrolman. When her town is attacked, Verity has a chance to win over Loyal’s muted heart. But will his wounded past make him leave her along the road, or can she convince him to take her along?

“By the Sea of Sand” by Megan Hart…Captain Kason Reed was willing to give his life to the Sheirran Defense Forces, but now he can’t remember anything but bits and pieces of the war. When his sexual attraction to his caregiver, Teila, causes him to make advances toward her, she becomes the aggressor, urging him with her body to explore the memories of his past—memories that all seem to draw him back to Teila…

Thoughts: I’m a huge fan of both Lauren Dane and Megan Hart. I love their writing styles and their characters. I’m a very picky about my futuristic and sci-fi books. I blame this on growing up watching Star Trek and Star Wars. That being said I enjoyed both of these books.

In Lands End by Lauren Dane we meet Verity and Loyal, two people who want more than they have. For years Verity suffered at the hands of her husband, and when he died she was given the freedom to live the way she wanted a life without fear. Now she only wants two things, to leave Lands End and to have Loyal in her bed.

For years Loyal has traveled the Highway protecting  the settlements and the shipments on the road. But for the last couple of years he has looked forward to the stop at Lands End and to staying in Verity’s spare room. She has become his safe place.

The story between Verity and Loyal is one that could happen in any time frame, but really works in this world Dane has created. As Verity and Loyal finally act on their feelings for each other and figure out how to proceed in the tumultuous world they live in. T hey have to contend with a separation as Loyal needs permission for Verity to travel with him, the anger and disapproval of Verity’s family. But the one thing they have going for each other is that they love each other and have faith that everything will work out.

Dane has yet to disappoint me when it comes to her writing and love stories. This one is another that will transport you to a new place, and believe it is completely real.

By the Sea of Sand is probably my favorite of Megan Hart’s love stories. It’s at times heart breaking and yet gives you faith everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Teila is a woman who has survived everything the universe has thrown at her, but she isn’t sure she can survive the task her father in law has asked of her. To help the soldier who has just been recovered from their universes biggest enemy. It takes everything in her to not scream at him no. But this soldier is more than just a soldier he’s someone important.

For Kason he isn’t sure what is real and what is a figment of his imagination. The only thing he knows for sure is that the woman caring for him knows more about him than she’s letting on. She wants him to remember on his own for some reason.

One of the things Hart does best is wring every single emotion from you as a reader and also from her characters. This is the case with Teila and Kason and the more you get to know them and discover their story the more you want him to remember who he is, not just for him but also for Teila and her young son.

Grade A



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