Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt

Title: Thief of Shadows

Series: Maiden Lane bk 4

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Genre: Historical

A Masked Man . . . 

Winter Makepeace lives a double life. By day he’s the stoic headmaster of a home for foundling children. But the night brings out a darker side of Winter. As the moon rises, so does the Ghost of St. Giles—protector, judge, fugitive. When the Ghost, beaten and wounded, is rescued by a beautiful aristocrat, Winter has no idea that his two worlds are about to collide.

A Dangerous Woman . . .

Lady Isabel Beckinhall enjoys nothing more than a challenge. Yet when she’s asked to tutor the Home’s dour manager in the ways of society— flirtation, double-entendres, and scandalous liaisons—Isabel can’t help wondering why his eyes seem so familiar—and his lips so tempting.

A Passion Neither Could Deny

During the day Isabel and Winter engage in a battle of wills. At night their passions are revealed . . . But when little girls start disappearing from St. Giles, Winter must avenge them. For that he might have to sacrifice everything—the Home, Isabel . . . and his life.

Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series is one of my favorite series because it is so well done.

From the very first book I have been intrigued by Winter as there has always been about them that was more than meets the eye. In Thief of Shadows we get to see just who Winter is and how much he has sacrificed to make sure that the children in St. Giles are protected.

Isabel is one of those heroines who while on the surface has it all, in reality has been hurt so bad by the person who she trusted the most in the world. Because of this she has an air about her that screams stay away from me, at least to Winter.

When these two come together for the children of the home Winter manages to save his job the sparks fly and they both have to do some series rethinking on their beliefs.

I loved every single page of this book. I completely understood why both of them do what they do for those around them. The decisions they make aren’t the easy ones or even ones that make sense at the time, and that is what makes this such an good book for because as everything is revealed it makes absolute perfect sense.

She also sets up beautifully for the next book in the series, and does it in a way you don’t even realize until the end of the book.

If you are a fan of Elizabeth’s and this series then you won’t want to miss this book, and I’m excited to see where the series is going after this book.

Grade A


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  1. Brunette Librarian

    Wasn’t it fantastic?? I have loved the series since the beginning. This one wasn’t my favorite of the series *I love Hero’s story!* but I really enjoyed it. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comes next!


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