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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope all of you are enjoying this week with your family and loved ones!  This week we have another great line up of holiday books in honor of the holiday season….here’s hoping you all have a great holiday week and travel safe if you are out travelling to visit family or out shopping for those Black Friday deals!

First up, we have a title that seems a little different for the holiday season…but nevertheless an interesting one!

91j72Hb6P4L._SL1500_Title:  A Case For Calamity

Author:  Mackenzie Crowne

Blurb:  For Jane Whitmore, agreeing to switch identities with her best friend seems like innocent fun, but spending a romantic night in Paris with a man who doesn’t know her real name turns out to be a lark gone bad. When their one night of passion proves to have lasting results, tracking down Gabe Sutton and telling him he’s about to be the father of her child is just another calamity Jane would rather avoid.
After years of avoiding long-term romantic entanglements, Gabe has found a woman he might just be able to build a life with, only to have her disappear. When he finally finds her, his belief in happily-ever-after staggers under the weight of deception, and looming fatherhood leaves him with two choices: fight her for custody of his future child or cling to the promise of true love.

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91LO6wYaQgL._SL1500_And who can resist the former boy-next-door who let the girl of his dreams slip through his fingers?  Always one of my favorite themes, this one is a definite must-read….at least for me!….LOL

Title:  A Light In The Window

Author:  Jolyse Barnett

Blurb:  Adirondack girl-in-transition Jade Engel comes home to recharge after ending a career she never truly wanted, but soon realizes she’s in danger of also being swept off her feet by the boy-next-door, her former best friend, Ben Stephens. If only he’d stop kissing her every time she falls into his arms.
Everything local celebrity Ben Stephens ever wanted is in Starling. Then Jade comes home after an eternity away and sends his simple world into a tailspin. He’s determined to pursue her—the one girl who got away. But when their friends-with-benefits arrangement blows up in their faces, will they have the courage to put their pasts to rest in order to forge a future together?

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91kOL0X7s+L._SL1500_Maggie Shayne is one of my favorite authors, and when I was scrolling for books for the holiday books series of posts, I took this as a sign to re-visit her Oklahoma All-Girl Brands series and the Texas Brands.  It’s been awhile since I read it, and I re-visit her books often….time to visit that Brand family!….:)  I’m sure all of you will love them!!

Title:  The Brands Who Came For Christmas

Author:  Maggie Shayne

Blurb:  Caleb didn’t know that one night of bliss last spring with small town beauty Maya Brand had resulted in a pregnancy, until the blackmail attempt arrived on his desk in an unmarked envelope, complete with photos of Maya with a belly out to there.  When he learns the truth, Caleb rushes back to Big Falls, determined to make it right despite what the scandal will do to his high profile career–the family legacy he had never truly wanted.
All he wants is Maya, and their child.
But can a girl whose father abandoned and betrayed her, ever truly believe in the goodness of a man who left town the morning after their one night stand? How can he convince her that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since then, much less, do so with the whole world watching? He has to prove himself to a woman he’s not even sure he’s worthy of. But he has no idea how.
The Oklahoma All-Girl Brands is a six-book, small town, contemporary romance series with shades of HOPE FLOATS and YOU’VE GOT MAIL. Spin off of the bestselling Texas Brand Series.

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cover51680-mediumLast on the list was a delicious little holiday tale that I received an advanced copy to review for the blog.  While it may begin at Halloween, Chaz spends most of the holiday season hunting for his reluctant witch!  You can check out that review here:  Sarah’s Review

Title:  Oh, Naughty Night!

Author:  Leslie Kelly

Blurb:  Hot for the holidays! Every Halloween party has its share of eye candy, and journalist Chaz Browning has just spotted a treat he can’t resist—a deliciously wicked witch with sparkly red hair and deep, dark eyes that promise all kinds of sexy tricks. She wants no names. No strings. Just a night of lust-filled magic.

The witch’s mask may hide her face, but Lulu Vandenberg knows exactly who Chaz is. They spent most of their childhoods tormenting each other. So the moment Chaz touches her and everything turns to lust, Lulu knows she can never reveal her identity. But desire has a memory of its own, and Chaz has vowed to find his fantasy woman before the holidays end…

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