To Cherish and To Hold (Love of a Rockstar 1.5) by Nicole Simone

Title: To Cherish and To HoldToCherish

Series: Love of a Rockstore 1.5

Author: Nicole Simone

Genre: Literature & Fiction

Blurb: Marlene Parker got her fairy tale ending. Luke Anderson, her one and only love and their darling little girl are finally a family again. However, nobody said marrying a rockstar is easy. The media is out for blood, groupies are singing on Marlene’s front lawn and people are deeming her the new Yoko Ono. If that wasn’t enough, there is a wedding to plan and pies to bake. An expert in chaos, Marlene doesn’t get easily stressed. That is, until an unexpected pregnancy digs up old insecurities, potentially threatening the life she has worked so hard to gain.

Will Marlene and Luke vow to cherish and to hold forever?

Or was their story never meant to be?

Thoughts: This is the first book I’ve read by Nicole Simone. I found that I would have enjoyed it a little more if I had read the first novel in the series. The characters were well developed but I would have followed the story a little easier if I had known their backstory a little more. Being in a relationship is tough already but being in a relationship with a celebrity is a lot tougher which is what Marlene’s life is all about that and raising their child and now an unexpected pregnancy. How does one handle all this and plan a wedding to your one true love? All the while having the media and groupies ready to pounce on your soon-to-be husband? That’s the story told in To Cherish and To Hold. The story of everlasting love and what you do to capture it forever. I will be reading the first book Love of a Rockstar to see where Marlene and Luke’s story began and the re-read this story. Overall I enjoyed the novella just wish it could have been read with enough detail where you were left feeling like you missed something by not reading the first book in the series.

Grade: B+


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