To Kiss A Thief by Susanna Craig

cover91456-mediumTitle:    To Kiss A Thief

Series:  Runaway Desires Book #1

Author:  Susanna Craig

Genre:  Historical Romance

Blurb:   Can a marriage made for money blossom into something more?

Sarah Sutliffe, Lady Fairfax, dreams of love—until she overhears her new husband proclaim his heart will never be hers. Devastated, she offers no defense when a sapphire necklace disappears during a ball and she is accused of its theft. Instead, she runs away from the scandal…and the heartbreak.

St. John, Viscount Fairfax, has sworn never to love again. How could a mousy merchant’s daughter tempt him to break that vow? Three years after Sarah vanished, St. John uncovers her hiding place. Now, he’s out to prove she’s a thief before she steals his heart.

Thoughts:  So it is rare for me to read a historical romance, but this one captured my attention and had me reading through it pretty quickly.  The characters were well written, with a plot that enticed you to finish reading it to see if St. John manages to earn his lady’s forgiveness.  Sarah was a strong character who has had to learn how to survive on her own as a single mother, rejected and scorned by the one she loves.  Both characters have been somewhat deceived and manipulated by others, losing precious time with one another in the process.  Very enjoyable read…J

Rate:  A


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