Touch of a Thief

Touch of a Thief
By Mia Marlow
Release date May 2011


Lady Viola Preston can relieve a gentleman of the studs at his wrists without his being any the wiser and pick any lock devised by man in less than a minute. But she’s careful to wear gloves when she steals jewels. Because when Viola touches a gemstone, it “speaks” to her, sending disturbing visions–visions almost as unsettling as the sight of the cool-eyed stranger who catches her red handed.


Now Viola will only be stealing at Greydon Quinn‘s behest. And even more daunting than the violent history of the red diamond he’s after is the prospect of a night in the devastatingly handsome lieutenant’s arms. Touch has always been Viola’s weakness and the full body-to-body contact Quinn has in mind is about to shatter her defenses and set her senses reeling.




This was a fun adventure/romance in the likes of Indiana Jones or Jewel of the Nile.  Intrigue, jewel theft, murder, power and a lot of steamy romance.  A very refreshing journey unlike any of the other books I have read lately and one I very much enjoyed.


If you want to be entertained this summer than I suggest you run out and get a copy of this book


Grade B+





  1. Aurian

    Is this historical or contemporary? I love female jewel thief-books!

  2. Melanie-admin

    Hi Aurian, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting each day. This one is a historical, sorry should have put that.


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