Unbearable Desire by Vivi Andrews

cover60514-mediumTitle:  Unbearable Desire

Series:  Lone Pine Pride #4

Author:  Vivi Andrews

Genre:  Romance, Paranormal

Blurb:   Their history? Complicated. Their chemistry? Incendiary. Lone Pine Pride, Book 4Ten years ago, Moira shared one hot night with the bear-shifter of her dreams, but when she took him up on his offer to join him at the Lone Pine Pride, reality landed with a thud. She quickly realized that he was only looking for a momentary distraction, not a happily ever after. She’s been trying to get over him ever since, but no other shifter has measured up to the big bad bear. When Hugo met Moira in a Yukon bar, he poured out his unrequited love for his alpha’s mate as he pounded down drinks. While Hugo remembers telling Moira he was emotionally unavailable, apparently she only heard his need for sexual healing. He’s always felt guilty for unintentionally leading her on. But now that the woman he thought he wanted is finally available, he’s beginning to wonder if the one he really needs is the woman with whom he shared one incendiary night—then let slip through his fingers. Warning: This book contains a stubborn old bear, mixed messages, mixed-up emotions, and lots of mixed drinks. Before reading, remember that the best cure for a hangover is NOT “hair of the bear”.

Thoughts:  I was excited to grab this shifter read from Vivi Andrews….I love paranormal books, particularly when they involve shifters. Not to mention I love Vivi Andrews as an author. You would think this has everything I could want in a book – but I have to say Hugo kind of ruined the book for me – the guy spends a crazy amount of time (we are talking years) longing for his Alpha’s wife, then when the Alpha steps down and the object of his desire is no longer ‘forced’ to be in this supposed marriage of convenience, Hugo decides that Moira suits him better. Even worse? He expects Moira to be grateful (again, after years) and just fall into his arms! Really? What an a$#! I constantly had the saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ flitting through my mind throughout the whole course of this book. I kind of liked Moira, but to uproot her whole life for a guy that makes it plain that he wants someone else? The whole ‘misunderstanding’ I thought was stupid and presumptuous on her part.

All in all, I was very disappointed in this one.

Rate:  D


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