Uncovering Annabelle by N.J. Walters

29470718Title:  Uncovering Annabelle

Series:  Summersville Secrets Book #1

Author:  N. J Walters

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   The first book in the sexy Summersville Secrets series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author N. J. Walters!

Days fueled by desire . . .

Annabelle Lee is content to spend her days as a quiet and staid librarian, revealing her true desires only at night, when she indulges in the rich erotic life that lives only in her fantasies. It is there she dreams of Mike Sloan, the rugged handyman who stirs her passions and ignites her erotic nature.

Nights filled with pleasure . . .

Mike has always yearned to get a peek behind Annabelle’s demure nature, knowing there is far more there than she shows. When he finally gets her alone, they unleash a passion beyond any late-night fantasy. Limited only by their imaginations, they set out to explore even their deepest desires, with Mike hoping to win Annabelle’s heart in the process.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Annabelle Lee.

Thoughts:  I read this series out of order, and actually wound up reading the first book in the series last – so I can easily say that the books are standalone and in no way affected my enjoyment of the series.  Every book in this series has been sexy and sensual with just the right amount of romance thrown in.  This one in particular featured Annabelle and Mike, both of which have been somewhat dancing around their chemistry with one another.  Annabelle has been somewhat using her son as a shield between herself and any attraction she feels for anyone.  Her son is older now, and Mike is finally able to get her alone long enough to explore the chemistry he always knew was there. 

Another amazing read by Walters!

Rate:  A+


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