UNRAVELED by Lorelei James

Unraveled UNRAVELED Excerpt

He clutched her hips and said, “Jump up.” As soon as she was sitting on her desk, he lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss started out sweet and slow, but it quickly built up steam.
As much as she loved the way he kissed—with his whole body—if they didn’t stop, he’d be banging her on the desk. She turned her head away, breaking the seal of their mouths.
Knox nuzzled her temple. “So I’ve thought about what you said last night.”
“And I’d like to explore more with you.”
The way Knox kept touching her was wonderfully distracting. She grabbed his wayward hand, holding it between hers. “If we’re going forward with this, we need to be on the same page.”
“You are such a rule follower, She-Cat,” he murmured against her neck.
He lazily flicked his tongue over the pulse beating at the base of her throat. She had no doubt this man could make her body sing, but he needed a reminder that she got to pick the song. Shiori reached up and wrapped her hands around his throat.
Knox immediately backed off. But he didn’t drop his gaze. He didn’t speak either, which earned him points.
“I’m serious, Knox.”
“I know you are.” He closed his eyes. “Last night was . . . not what I expected. What if it was a onetime fluke?” Those gorgeous blue eyes opened and were clouded with concern. “What if I can’t do this?”
“Be submissive?”
He nodded.
Oh sweet, sexy man, I’ll wipe away all of that doubt if you’ll let me. She slid her hands over his strong, masculine jaw and framed his face. “I think you’re more afraid that you can do this.”
He said nothing. Just stared at her.

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Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary erotic romances, including the Mastered series: Bound and Unwound and the Blacktop Cowboy novels. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota with her family. Connect with her online at website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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