Untamed by Diana Palmer

cover64407-mediumTitle:    Untamed

Series:  n/a

Author:  Diana Palmer

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Stanton Rourke lives life on the edge. The steely mercenary is dangerous in every way…especially to Clarisse Carrington’s heart. She and Rourke were playmates as children, but she’s not the innocent girl he once knew. When tragedy robbed Clarisse of her entire family, her life was changed forever. Besides, she’s a grown woman now, and there are secrets that hold her back from succumbing to her pursuer. As she struggles to keep her distance, sparks as hot as a Texas summer fly between them. But danger is following Clarisse, leaving her no choice but to rely on Rourke, even as the old wounds lying dormant between them flare up again…

Thoughts:  It’s been awhile since I read a Diana Palmer book. She is absolutely one of my favorite authors, but most of the newer books I read just didn’t have the same impact as most of the older books that I still find myself going back to occasionally. Not the case with Untamed. It’s reminiscent of some of the older stuff, and one of the most enjoyable I’ve read from her in awhile. It was such a joy to see again what I used to love so much in her books.

I only have a mild complaint….it seemed that quite a few things were repeated in the book. A lot of reminiscing the same memories over and then over again. It made me feel like words were just thrown in there to help with the length of the book. All in all though, a small thing overall that is easily overlooked.

A great book by a classic author!

Rate:  B+


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