What Happened to American West Historical Romances?




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A couple of months ago I was in the romance section (like I’d be in any other section) of Barnes and Noble and I overheard a woman ask her friend this question. She went on to lament that while she liked the regency and the Scottish highlander books, she loved the American West Historicals.

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This got me to thinking about my favorite historical romances and I realized if I was to list my top ten historical romances at least five of them would be American West historicals. So I asked myself what happened to this awesome genre.

It’s like it was there one day and gone the next.

Recently I was at Wal-Mart and I saw two of my favorite American West Historical Romance books sitting on the shelf. They were re-issues with a pretty new cover and everything. I of course had to buy them.


fallen angel

I then came home and looked at my review book shelf, and went through NetGalley and Edelweiss looking to see if anyone was writing these again. Sadly I only found three authors currently writing American West Historicals.

Kaki Walker, Beverly Jenkins and Sara Luck.

Johanna Lindsey’s 50th book that came out in 2013 was a return to the American West.

I’ve recently discovered a used book store near me that has them all, and I’m rebuilding my collection of Catharine Hart and Jude Deveraux American West books.

lost lady

So I have to ask, am I the only one who misses this awesome sub-genre of romance?

And for those who love it like I do where do you go to find those books?

What are some of your favorite books from that time period?



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  1. Gail D

    They are hard to find. My mom loves those…She just ‘re-reads them!!


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