What a load of Crock

I was on twitter this morning and saw a comment by the ladies over at book binge regarding Nora Roberts with a link. So I clicked on the link and couldn’t believe my disgust. Some at Emerson College wrote a review titled Judging these Books by their Steamy Covers, the Beacon reviews raunchy romance novels from Danielle Steel to Etherington’s NASCAR saga.

What followed was a review of misinformation and judgment passed all of us that read romance. In this article she claims that Nora has grocery store aisle fame and that her readers are single women that live with nine cats.

I was so mad that I wrote an email to the paper. One of the authors that she bashes commented on the post, along with another author.

So why am I posting this here, because I want all of my readers, all 6 of you to post this on your blogs, and go comment on what this article. Lets get as many people as we can to prove this so called writer wrong.  

*** The Smart Bitches have written a great post about this stupid woman. Follow the link to see what they and yes even Nora herself had to say. 



  1. Rowena

    You got it sweetie, I didn't read the article, just saw the link but yeah that's not right.

  2. Heather

    no kidding right. I wrote a scathing comment on the article.

  3. Heather D

    thanks for posting this. Where does she come off with that kind of stereotyping?!! I am guessing you are the "Heather" that came back with the stats to NR's publishing achievements!

  4. Heather

    Yep, sure was me.


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