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What time is it? It’s time to spotlight an author.

It is time to introduce you to a new author,

or re-introduce you to an old favorite.

Whichever the case may be, pull up a seat and meet…


Nancy J. Parra

This weeks author is a friend of mine from that amazing social network Facebook (yes I am one of the millions of people that spends way to much time on there, but hey I get to meet new people like Nancy here). So when Nancy posted that she would be going on a blog tour to promote her new book Mr. Charming I quickly sent her a note asking if she wanted to come on here, she said yes and we set it up for this week.

From her website I pulled the following info….

Nancy J. Parra writes romantic suspense and sweet western historical romances. Hailed as a rising star of romantic fiction, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism but turned to writing fiction when she discovered it was more fun to interview the people in her head.

She lives in the Midwest with her family, a mutt named George Bernard, and bichonpoo, Gracie Lu, nicknamed “boo, boo.” George and Gracie keep her entertained and warm in the winter-Gracie likes to sit in her lap, and George, who weighs in at 80 pounds, rests on her feet while she works.

I also sent her some questions that I think most readers want to know about the authors that we love to read….

Who was the first romance author that you read?
The first romance author I read was Kathleen Woodiwiss… it was a long time ago. LOL

Do you remember the book title?
The book title was The Flame and The Flower – my sister got me started and I fell in love with happy endings.

How long did it take you to get published?
It took me about nine years to get published…and nearly 18 manuscripts…yes, I had a lot to learn.

If you could write anywhere where would you write?
If I could write anywhere, where would I write? Gosh… I love Colorado. I would love to write there, but then I took a trip to Scotland and could see myself writing there as well! Guess I like mountains…and I know I love the American west.

Where do you get the ideas for your books?
Wow, where do book ideas come from-that’s a good question… everyday life I think…some of what happens in Mr. Charming came from my own experiences as a stay at home mom who walked her kids to school. Someone once said that the suburbs were generica…where people tried to blend in…and nothing bad ever happened and I thought wow…what if someone tried to hide in the suburbs…and the bad guy followed? Thus a book was born.

Are you going to write Jason’s story? (He is HUGE part of Mr. Charming)
Funny you should ask if I’m going to write Jason’s story…I love Jason and have thought about doing just that…but right now I’m waiting for the perfect girl for him to show up. (Characters can be stubborn sometimes.)

Which authors are your go to authors?
My go to authors…LOL there is such a long list- Julie Garwood, Stephanie Laurens, JD Robb, Jude Deveraux, Elizabeth Lowell, plus so many wonderful authors who write for Harlequin…my to be read pile is always stacked high. (No wonder I love her, her top 3 are on my top 5 go to author list)

What are you working on now?
My next book is Dream Man, out in January 2010. It’s the story of a dream researcher with a client who may have the answer to a thirty year old mystery…a mystery FBI agent Nate Cancaid has been dreaming about his entire life. Can a woman of science lose her heart to a man on intuition or has fate already dealt her a losing hand?

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to Nancy for doing this, she is an amazing author, and friend.

Here is a little blurb about Mr. Charming.
Jennifer Sumner is a single mom with a secret past. At the request of her brother, lead investigator on the case, she takes in a wealthy playboy who is pretending to be dead.

Tomorrow I will be posting my review of this book, so make sure and come back to check it out. I will also be posting another contest with that post.

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  1. Nancy J. Parra

    Hi Heather, isn't Facebook a great place to meet people?

    Just want to say thank you for the spotlight and to let your readers know I'm happy to answer any questions and will be checking in off and on today.


  2. Marin Thomas


    On chapter 12 of Mr. Charming and loving it!

    Samantha's Cowboy *on sale now*

  3. Nancy J. Parra

    Hi Marin,

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you are enjoying "Mr. Charming."

    Everyone, Marin's book, "Samantha's Cowboy" is in stores now and is a fun, fast paced read!

  4. Linda Kage

    Great interview. Seems like I learn something new about Nancy every day. Oh, and it looks like you're back on the top ten list at The Wild Rose Press. Congrats!!

  5. Nancy J. Parra

    Hi Linda- thanks! wow, I didn't even check the list. Will go and do…

  6. Chelle-Belle

    I'm so glad you invited me to this blog Heather! I LOVE it! (Oh yeah, and it was really good to see you too!!) You know me! I'm always love a good book! I'm excited about Mr Charming…I think I'll have to go pick it up!!!

    Also, A question for Nancy, if she stops on back…I'm writing a Fantasy Fiction (Lord of the Rings, Elves and such), and have been for about 8 years…what's your secrect to unlocking writer's block, especially when you have kids, school, work, etc? I find my time VERY limited, and when I CAN write, I'm stumped!!!

  7. Heather

    Nancy, it looks like you have quite a following. Thanks for sending them my way.

    Chelle, thanks for stopping by, keep coming back.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. DOn't forget to come back to morrow for my review of the book.

  8. Nancy J. Parra

    Hi Chelle-Belle,

    Thanks for stopping by- writer's block is a killer- especially with all we women do for our families. I set myself small managable goals-ex. one or two paragraphs or one page by such and such time-say before bed. Then I squeeze in my goals during nap time, or bed time or even scratch words on paper while standing in line at the grocery store. It all adds up. A page a day will get you a book in a year…well, 18 months for epic fantasy books. 🙂
    Good luck! and Heather- thanks for hosting me~ cheers!

  9. Chelle-Belle

    Great! Thanks for the advice!!!!

    To everyone else, she has a blog that gives tips on how to write, especially when your stuck! Go check it out!!!!

  10. Joelle

    Hey Nancy and Heather,

    Sorry, I didn't get a chance to stop by on Monday. My internet connection has been spotty at best.

    Heather – thanks for the great spotlight on Nancy. You do a great job and I look forward to reading your review of Mr. Charming.

    Nancy – thanks for another great read. And congrats on being back on the WRP list. It says alot that there have been sixteen new full-length releases since yours came out and you are still at the top of their sales. Mr. Charming is a great read.

    Thanks again,
    Joelle Charbonneau


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