What’s everyone Reading

Heather has been down with a nasty case of bronchitis and is in desperate need of reading material…so what is everyone reading and loving? Or who are your go to authors when you don’t feel good?



  1. Carly Phillips

    Well I mentioned this on Twitter but since you didn’t reply I’m guessing you’re really sick πŸ™ I’m sorry! Someone on my FB fan page recommended a new to me author, Kristen Ashley when I asked for vacation reads – and OMG I’m in LOVE. Dream Man series – Law Man and Mystery Man my favorites but also LOVED Wild Man. Alphas like I’ve never read them before.

    I don’t usually read first person – didn’t read an excerpt first before downloading (thank GOD or I wouldn’t have downloaded based on 1st person alone) – started to read, decided to keep going since I’d bought the book, got to page 5 and couldn’t put it down (bk 1). Honest to goodness blew my mind. πŸ™‚

    Feel better!

  2. elisa v

    I have been reading cozy mystery series books by Kate Carlisle, about a bookbinder Brooklyn who always stumbles over a mystery or a dead body in some of the few books i have read. I enjoy reading books from Kate Angell and Deidre Martin, as they pick up my spiritis when i am sick or had a long day at work.

  3. Na S.

    I recently discovered Susan Elizabeth Philips and really enjoy her work. Her stories are so entertaining. Dream a Little Dream is one of my fav by her so far. Wishing Heather a quick recovery.

  4. TBRG (Post author)

    Thanks Carly! Did you get that book I told you to get last month?

    Na I have enjoyed those books as well.

    Elisa I don’t think I’ve ever read a cozy mystery.

  5. Janon

    Hope you are feeling better girlfriend! I’m reading Silk by Rupert James and I’m loving it. It has a Jackie Collins type feel to it.

  6. aurian

    I’m really loving the books by Gini Koch, her alien series. So good. Hope you are feeling better already πŸ™‚


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