18679302Title: When a Laird Takes a Lady
Series: Claimed By the Highlander bk 2

Author: Rowan Keats
Genre: Historical Romance

In the Highlands of Scotland, honor and loyalty are worth more than life itself. But when a haunted woman meets a wronged warrior, love will prove more powerful than anything they have ever known.

Isabail Grant has had to be strong all her life. Over the years, she has lost everyone close to her, and now she’s seeking justice for her brother’s murder. But en route to Edinburgh to petition the king, she is kidnapped by a fierce warrior—and is shocked to find herself irresistibly drawn to her captor.

Aiden MacCurran is an outlaw. The laird of a small clan, he’s been falsely accused of killing the king’s courier and stealing the Crown’s property—and the key to clearing his name and redeeming his clan lies in Isabail’s memories. But Aiden and Isabail must first weather deceit and treachery before they can find the truth and claim the love that’s growing between them.

Alright, apparently my theme this time around is to read books from authors I have never even heard about.  So far, I am having fun enjoying new things whilst discovering new authors; but one thing I would LOVE to know, is their a sequel to this book because seriously, Rowan Keats left me hanging.

Isabail Grant was abducted from her entourage, when she was on her way to the King, with her lady maid. They were taken into the mountains to either await to be ransomed or raped and killed.  After a failed attempt of escaping almost got them killed, when the leader of her kidnappers arrived to take her back, Isabail is more inclined to follow him than die.  She already lost everything, she did not want to also lose her life.

Aiden MacCurran must find evidence of the innocence of his clan or lose his land and forever be outcasts. Falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, Aiden must find answers to what he seeks and he can get it from none other than Miss Isabail Grant’s memory, but she was not co-operative.

With bad blood between the both of them and the lies that were told, they do not trust each other.  But when they both witnessed how the both of them act, can they distinguish between the lies that were told or the truth that they can see with their own eyes.  

When someone unexpected entered the camp, are they friend or are they foe.  I will tell you this much, they did not sit right with me from day one, but that is just my assumption.  Now time is running out before Aiden’s land is given to a new laird and the growing attraction between the two was not helping matters much.  

Can they find out who is really telling the truth and who is lying before it’s to late?  Read to find out.

I thought that I was not going to enjoy this book.  It started out really strong, with the ending of a battle and people dead.  Then the burning of her clothes right in front of Isabail, she had a right to be terrified of them. 

Rowan Keats wrote a marvelous story that had me frustrated at the end.  I won’t say why I was frustrated, you have to get the frustration yourself and I cannot wait for more work from her.  The story was engaging and had me wanting to know what’s going to happen next. I especially want to know what happens between Wulf and his lady, lol.

Thoughts: This book ended a little to abruptly for me
Grade: B



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