When Darkness Hungers by JK Beck

Title: When Darkness Hungers

Series: The Shadows Keepers bk 5

Author: J.K Beck

Genre: Paranormal Romance

FBI agent Alexis Martin knows that vampires exist—because one of them killed her sister. Assigned to investigate a series of bizarre homicides in Los Angeles, Alexis believes the murders are the work of rogue vampires—perhaps even the monster responsible for her sister’s death. Now she finally has a chance for retribution. Even better, Alexis receives unexpected help from a sexy stranger as hungry for rogue blood as she is.

Serge is a centuries-old bad boy who stays off the grid—keeping his secrets, his hunger, and his heart safe from exposure. A new breed of vampire that feeds off other shadowers, Serge finds sweet torture in Alexis’s arms. Loving her is a chance to be free from the hiding, the loneliness, the secrecy. But the truth about what he is, and what he’s done, may banish him to the dark confines of his own private hell—and destroy the beginnings of their love.

When Alexis was little, her teenage sister disappeared.  Everyone had said she ran away but Alexis believed differently. As she grew older she knew she wanted a job to help find her sister so she became an FBI Agent. After the death of her parents, Alexis finds her sisters diary and discovers the real truth. Her sister had run away but she had done so after years of sexual abuse at the hands of her own father. Filled with guilt for not seeing this before and anger against her father for what he had done to his own child, Alexis continues her career of apprehending criminals in hopes of somehow reconnecting with her long lost sister.

While investigating a series of strange murders in New York another victim if found with the same throat punctures as the others but this one’s different. This one is Alexis’s sister. While hunting down leads, Alexis find’s Leena who’s a psychic descended from vampire hunters. Leena shows her what vampires are and that they exist, she also tells her how to find her sisters killer. Alexis resigns from her job and heads to LA to continue the hunt for the monster responsible for her sister’s murder.

Serge has done horrible things in his past. He was unable to control his daemon and committed many atrocities against humans. Later, he was cursed and committed many more. With the curse finally broken he’s left with a hunger to compete with his daemon he has isolated himself and feeds on ro0gue vampires.

Hunting for the same Rogue vampire puts Alexis and Serge on an intercepting course and changes their lives, Alexis learns not all vampires are evil and Serge finds someone who sees the good in him. The attraction between them is instant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love that Serge saw her as a strong warrior and trained her instead of treating her like a weak human that needs to stay home while he fought the bad guys. I also love Alexi’s maturity when Serge’s past is revealed to her.

This is the 5th book in the series When Darkness Hungers is an enjoyable read.

Grade A+


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