White Heat

White Heat
Heat Trilogy bk 1
Brenda Novak

Paradise? In name only…
Nate Ferrentino and Rachel Jessop are operatives for Department 6, a private security company, and they’re going undercover to expose a new and dangerous cult.

This group has taken up residence in the Arizona desert, in a ghost town called Paradise. Members worship at the feet—and in the bed–of its charismatic leader, Ethan Wycliff. On his orders, they tried to stone a woman to death. And they’re implicated in the disappearance of a teenage girl.

To expose the Church of the Covenant, with its arcane rituals and debauched practices, Nate and Rachel must pretend to be married. That’s the only way they can get in—but being Nate’s “wife” is the last thing Rachel wants. She and Nate have a one-night history that’s just an embarrassment to her now. But they don’t have a choice. Wycliff has to be stopped.
Okay so I am not a huge fan of romantic suspense or any type of suspense for that matter. In fact it is very common knowledge that I have to read the end of the book because I can’t handle the suspense. With that being said I loved this book and wanted more from these characters at the end of the book.
Nate and Rachel were characters that you have to root for because you want them to be together and also get the bad guys, all at once. They both have issues that they have to get over and past all while dealing with a cult that brings up issues for Rachel. I can’t tell you what those issues are because they are an important part of the story that you have to discover for yourself.
This book kept me engaged from the first page, and if I am completely honest ever since I read and excerpt of the book. I kept wanting to skip ahead to see what would happen, but I couldn’t because I was reading it on the computer. (This may be the reason that Mike is so agreeable to me getting a kindle)
This is definitely a page turner and will have you ignoring everything around you so that you can finish it to see how it ends. At least that is what I did 🙂
This book will be available on July 27th, 2010

I give this book a 4 out of 5

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