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Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed

Byron of Braebourne Series book 4

By Tracy Anne Warren

To her surprise, Lady Mallory Byron finds herself walking down the aisle with the last man she ever expected to ask for her hand.

Everyone knows the Byron brothers are “mad, bad, and dangerous.” Now their sister shockingly discovers she’s the newest talk of the Ton when she marries the scandalous Earl of Gresham. Faced with a tragic loss, she’d sought comfort from him as a family friend. But soon consolation turned to passion, scandal––and a wedding! In the bridal bed, she finds pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. But can nights of wicked delight change friendship into true love?

Charming rakehell Adam, Earl of Gresham, has secretly loved Mallory for years. He lost her once to another man, but now he has a second chance to win her love––and plans to do so by any means necessary. Will Mallory’s heart give him what he so dearly desires? Or is the past too much to overcome?

The book starts out with Mallory  mourning her fiancé who had died in war, her plans are to never forget him and to live like a widow mourning him forever.  That is when Adam steps in, he has secretly been in love with Mallory since she was sixteen but as he was the best friend of her brothers and was accepted as one of the family he choose to ignore those feelings and just become her friend.  He seems to be the only one who can reach Mallory and since her family has no idea what to do for her they leave it up to him.  They do not realize that Adam has decided that he cannot live without Mallory in his life as his wife and his motives are for her to get over her fiancé and fall in love with him.  Things don’t go exactly as planned but wedding bells do ring just not in the way he would have liked, although things are going good for awhile till Adams worst nightmare begins to happen which throws everything he ever wanted in turmoil.

This is the 4th book in the Byron series and the first one I read, yeah I am one of those people who will pick up a book in the middle of the series and than decide if I want to go back and read any of the others, this one was a resounding YES.  This was extremely well written with just the right amount of historical detail to take you back to the time period and even though it was not the first book you can easily pick up on all of the characters lives without getting confused by what is happening.

I enjoyed this book a lot and want to share it so giveaway time:

Do you have problems reading a series out of order?

My grade: A



  1. Sue

    Sometimes. I prefer reading series in order, but if I read; say the third book in a series, I will read it then find or order the others I missed. I have already bought a second book in a series; hunted for and bought the first just so I could read them in order. I actually bought the second to last book in Stephanie Laurens Bastion Club series and had to buy and read the others first!

  2. Johanna Jochum

    I try to read them order but if I get one out of order I will read it anyway and if I like it will go back and get the rest. If I know its a series sometimes I will wait to get the first ones but it really does not matter to me. If its a good author most books can be read as stand alone so you dont feel confused!

  3. Heather-admin

    Sometimes the third book is better than the first book. I have read some great series books, where I didn’t start at the begining and loved the characters so much I have had to hunt down the other books in the series.

  4. Jane

    It doesn’t bother me when I read a series out of order, especially if the author has stated that even though the books are part of a series they can be read as stand alones, too.

  5. Scorpio M.

    It doesn’t bother me really to read out of order, unless it’s one of those series that has the same recurring character, then I have to read from the beginning.

  6. Lisa Hutson

    I so would never read a book from a known series out of order. I would put them on my to be read shelves. And find the others. I always have plenty to keep me busy on those shelves.


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