Wicked Night by Angela James

wicked gamesTitle: Wicked Games

Series: Mageverse Prequel

Author: Angela Knight

Genre: Paranormal, Erotic

A prequel novella to the bestselling Mageverse series that gave a sexy twist to the Arthurian legend headlines this collection. This volume also features a special selection of stories, previously published as ebooks, but completely revised and expanded for this anthology.

Thoughts: I’ve been in love with the Mageverse world since I read the very first book in this series about Lancelot and Morgana’s granddaughter. But the one story we never got, the one that I really wanted was Arthur and Guinevere’s story. I wanted to know how it all started. Even in Arthur and Gwen’s son’s book we didn’t get much about them other than they loved each other.

So I was really excited to get this book and find out that it was Arthur and Gwen’s story and that we would finally be finding out how they became vampires. At the beginning of the book is a letter from the author about this book and she warns the reader that Arthur is a mean bastard.

I should have listened.

Because by the end of the book I hated Arthur.

And he’s one of my favorite characters when it comes to fables, literature, myths, legends.

Because of his unwillingness to listen and be there for Gwen like she needs him to be, as she was for him, he sets in motion events that almost destroy not only him, but everything he cares about. And even when he’s confronted with his part in it, he still blames Guinevere for what happened.

As much as I wanted to love this book, I couldn’t get past Arthur and how his actions impacted everyone around him, and then refused to see his part in it.

Guinevere however owned her mistakes and while she goes about it wrong, she attempts to take all the blame for what happened. This of course causes more problems. Resulting in an innocent man, a good man, believing the worst about himself, and destroying a lifelong friendship.


The only redeeming part of this book is Gwen and her determination to do what she needs to do to save Arthur and Camelot, even if she has to defy Arthur because he’s an ass.

Then there was the other two small novellas in this book. I really have no words for how bad they were. I recommend just skipping them.

Grade B


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