Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

WildWolfcoverNew200x300Title:  Wild Wolf

Series:  Shifters Unbound Book #6

Author:  Jennifer Ashley

Genre:  Romance, Paranormal


Thoughts:  I am a huge fan of Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series, and I am quick to snatch up any title in this series.  While she certainly doesn’t fail to disappoint in her books, this one really wasn’t quite up there at the same standard as previous books.  Probably because of Graham’s bull-headedness in admitting that Misty is his mate, and his refusal to stand up to his pack and take the mate he wants.  Of course, we were kind of expecting that after reading about Graham in past books.  Misty is certainly different that what I pictured for Graham, but she is amazing in her own right – and possibly a bit too good for this bad boy!  I really enjoyed both of these characters though, and Misty’s connection with the smaller members of the pack, in particular! Still a great series by an amazing author – can’t wait to read more from her!

Rate:  B+



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