WoW Sunday

Had a conversation with our 10 1/2 yr old about sex, this is what he says sex is.

Sex is how you get, the sperm goes to the girl. When we asked how the sperm goes to the girl, he tells us. It goes from the penis up to the mouth and into her mouth.

We said yep your right.



  1. Lisa Hutson

    Its such an impossible conversation, isnt it? I will never forget the morning we were getting shoes on to get to school, news on the tv. A story of some horrible filth, the word ‘sodomy’ was used. Of course, my brilliant 8 year old had to ask what that was. I quickly said, “Oh, come on honey, we dont have time for that, where is your back pack?……” Needless to say, I never again had the news on in the morning. Heck, that was 12 years ago and now, I barely ever have the news on, period.

  2. CK

    The other day, our 9yo DS asked what an orgasm was. DH fumbled at the 1 yd line and looked at me in panic. I said that it’s something that only happens after you’re thirty and married. Oh, the lies we tell our children. LOL.


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