WOW Sunday

Today is the Superbowl and I for one am excited. However probably not as excited as two of our favorite authors Carly Phillips and Shannon Stacey. In honor of them today’s wow Sunday is going to be a fun one. If the Patriots will the Superbowl one lucky commenter from any post during the month of January regardless of whether it is a giveaway post or not will win 1 Carly Phillips book and 1 Shannon Stacey book. So start cheering for Tom Brady and his teammates.



  1. Carly Phillips

    Thank you ladies! Can’t wait to watch the Superbowl with you! #GOPATS!

  2. Shannon Stacey

    This is so wicked awesome! Thanks, and go Pats!

  3. Diana Smith

    Sounds like a good deal. But still for Eli Manning and the Giants. Hope it is a good game.

  4. kaploded

    Another great reason to cheer for my New England Patriots!


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