Yes I am one of those kind of people

It was moving week-end at our house. We got our keys on Thursday and I had to work on Friday, luckily I only teach 3 periods, but my day starts at 6am, so Mike took me to school, and then kept the boys home from school, and they started at 7am and had all the boxes moved over by the time that they picked me up from school. We then spent the afternoon unpacking all the boxes that were brought over.

On Saturday the guys from our church showed up at 9am however the truck was late so while we waited they pulled every piece of furniture out of the apartment and put it in the parking lot. By 11 am the apartment was empty and we began unpacking.

It is now Sunday night at 6pm and I have not got a single box in my house. I do have somethings in the garage and I have misplaced a CD case with about 100 cds in it, but other than that we are done.

Now it it back to real life, I have lesson plans to create and homework to do.

As soon as I have found the camera I will post the pictures of the new place.



  1. Cindy W

    Congrats on your move!

  2. Heather

    Wow! congrats on your move! I think it took my husband and I a week to fully unpack and get the place somewhat organized when we moved three years ago! Kudos to you for being so well organized!


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