Calling for Suggestions

So here’s the skivvy, my youngest son is going to be having major surgery sometime in the next couple of months. This is going to require at least a 7 day stay in the hospital. This also means that I will be living in the hospital with him.

Now we all KNOW just how BORING hospital’s can be right? So with that in mind I am compiling a list of authors and books for me to read while he is down. Anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on how his body does.

Now when I have all that free time I read A LOT, and can read one 300-500 page book a day. As I will no longer be teaching that means no papers to grade I will have A LOT of free time.

So go ahead and list away. Nothing heavy as I will be in the hospital for a portion of this.



  1. Shiroibara

    Anything I’ve rated a 4 or 5 on my GoodReads site I would recommend. The trouble with recommending books is that I’m not sure what you would be interested in and what mood you’ll be in (sometimes something I enjoy in one mood is really annoying in another mood). Sorry I’m not much more of a help.

  2. aunt rowena

    Heather, I am so sorry to hear about your son needing major surgery! How frightening for you – please keep us updated.

    As for reading… If you think you need something completely involving, have you already read the Outlander books? Those would take a while…

    Or if you are more in the mood for light – book-a-day… I suggest Rachel Gibson, or Susan Andersen for some funny & light. Lemme peruse your shelfari and get back to you


  3. aunt rowena

    OK I’m back. My suggestions: Susan Andersen: Be My Baby (standalone), Just for Kicks and Skintight (series of 2), Rachel Gibson: Not Another Bad Date (4th in the series you’ve already read) and True Confessions; Linda Howard: Mr Perfect and Open Season – that should get you through a week anyway!! Then start Jennifer Crusie: Welcome to Temptation, Bet Me and Anyone But You are all great!

  4. Cindy W

    I would suggest the Outlander series. It’s LONG! I have it on my TBR pile, so I haven’t read them, so I can just go by other peeps. I would also suggest Jane Graves, Rachel Gibson, Deidre Martin (haven’t read a book yet, but suggested by Randi), Jennifer Crusie, Liz Carlyle, Charlene Harris Southern Vampire Series, Emma Holly (I think you’ll really like her!), Lynsay Sands and JD Robb in Death series.

    Here are some Highlander suggestions in one of my Shelfari Groups Karen Ranney – The Highland Lord series
    Amanda Scott – The Secret Clan series
    Sandra Hill – viking series 1( half of this series is in Scotland)
    Janet Chapman – MacKeage Highlander series
    Arnette Lamb- Clan MacKenzie Triology
    Connie Brockway- McClairens Isle series

    Let us know what you pick. And good luck with your son. I’ll pray for a smooth surgery and quick recovery. C PS I’ll send DB to you when I’m done w/ Kiss!

  5. RandiLyn

    Hi Heather,
    Here are some of my suggestions:
    Erin McCarthy – Mouth to Mouth, Heiress for Hire & her Vampire Series (very light).
    Cindy Gerard – Bodyguard series and her new series Show No Mercy and Take no Prisnor
    Kathryn Shay – any of her stand alones
    Christie Craig – Divorced, Desperate & Delicious (very fun read)

    Hope everything goes well with your son's surgery!

    Good Luck!!


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