RomCon 2012 Reading Challenge

It is that time again, time for the RomCon Reading Challenge.  The first authors attending have signed up and the spreadsheet is ready. The RomCon Reading Challenge is officially under way. This year we decided that we would give away a REGISTRATION ONLY ticket to RomCon 2012 which will be held June 21-24 to the person that reads the most books in the challenge.  You will be responsible for all other costs, including hotel, airfare, and any meal and event tickets.

We will be running this from October 1st thru April 6th. By midnight on April 6th you need to email us your completed spreadsheet of the authors attending and the books that you read of theirs. We will notify the winner via email, once they have confirmed that they are attending we will post the winner on the site. You are more than welcome to continue the challenge after this date but it will be for your personal satisfaction only, it will not count towards the ticket giveaway.

We have set up a group on Shelfari where you can go in and post the book that you read and a couple of sentences telling us your thoughts on the book. Here is the link to the shelfari page.

If you don’t go to shelfari you need to keep a reading journal of the books that you read telling what you thought of the book. This journal will need to be submitted with your spreadsheet.

Here is the link to retrieve the spreadsheet. This will be updated as new authors are added.