Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter

Atlantis bk 1

Grace Carlyle’s world was about to change . . .

Deep in the jungle on the trail of her missing brother, Grace never expected to find a secret world populated by mythological monsters — nor guarded by a sword-wielding being whose beauty put mortal men to shame.

Darius en Kragin belongs to a race of shape-shifting warriors sworn to guard Atlantis and kill all travelers who stray within its boundaries. Yet when Grace stumbles into his realm, he finds himself tempted to betray his centuries-old vow.

Now their forbidden love will either bring their worlds together — or tear them both apart.

REVIEW: I have been looking for this book ever since I discovered Gena several months ago, only no one had it and I couldn’t order it, so I was very happy when I saw it in the store quite by accident. I got this past week-end and immediately dived into it, and then I stopped because the story just wasn’t grabbing, it had a very slow start, however once I bite the bullet (or book in this case) and just read, I began to enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I love her Lord’s of the Underworld Series, but it was a good book.

The thing that bugged me the most I think was that I never really felt the chemistry and connection between Darius and Grace. I loved Darius, and barely tolerated Grace. Compared to the other heroines of Gena’s not only in this series but in her other books/series, Grace comes off as annoying, at least to me. The story was also only so-so for me. I can’t really pinpoint one particular thing that bugged me, it was all just sort of blah.

I give this book a 3 out 5.



  1. I Heart Book Gossip

    See I thought I felt the same way about this book too. I feel bad that I even reread it and I just didn’t like how the book was flowing. It was lacking something…passion.
    I ended up returning the book.

  2. Heather's Books

    She has become a hit and miss author for me.

  3. I Heart Book Gossip

    Her demon series was like good, and then it dragged. But I think her Alantis series was older. Don’t you hate when authors go through a dry spell?

  4. Heather's Books

    I really enjoy her Lord’s of the Underworld series. In the Atlantis series I liked the Nymph King, in fact I just finished reading it. I haven’t read the Jewel of Atlantis yet, and Layel’s story is coming out this spring.

    I think that this might be one of her first books.

    Do have to agree though I hate it when they go through dry spells but are under contract to put out a book.

  5. seawaterwitch

    I love Darius, he’s funny guy 🙂

    He try to kill her but he can’t ;P

    Poor guy, he always cast spells on her instead, the girl “jumped” on him XDD lol

    After he cast the spell on Grace so she wouldn’t be afraid on him. Instead Grace force him to kiss her, maybe he thought,” Oh Sh**t! wrong spell!” XDD lol


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