A bone to pick….

A bone to pick….

I have been working on my library catalog program, this particular program pulls the info from Amazon. One of the things that it does is pull the reviews and comments. As I have been working on mainly regency books today I have been reading the comments and reviews that were pulled and have gotten more and more irrated.

First, these books are regency books, meaning they took place during a time when women didn’t have a lot of options, so claiming that a woman was a whore because she married a man for his money to save her family, shows a lack of knowledge about the time period. In fact until my grandparents generation this was still very much in practice in most of the world, and in some cultures and economic classes it is still practiced. There were no jobs for the aristocracy beyond the holdings that they had, and a few other select things. And if you were a woman then you really had no options. You were either married for your money of you married for money. So expecting the heroine to say no I am not going to marry this man to save our family, is just plain stupid.

Second, it is a romance and there is sex. If you don’t like sex in your story then don’t read a romance book. Sometimes there is a lot of sex and sometimes there isn’t, and sometimes there is the right the amount of sex. And yes they do have to describe the act, sometimes in detail. It isn’t soft porn (as one person referred to sex in the romance books) it is either sex or erotica.

Third, why do you call a heroine slutty because there is sex, and the sex is with her husband? Could someone please explain that to me. I saw this over and over, mostly by the same reviewer.

Fourth, now I am no expert on writing a review, I am still learning and there are times when I don’t get it right, however I never, never bash an author for the way that they write, and I never bash the story line. This is just uncalled for in my opinion. If you don’t like a book that is okay, you can state your opinion without bashing the author, the characters and the storyline.

Okay I am getting off my rant box.



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  1. Modokker

    I totally agree with you. Another one is that isn't realistic. Ok there is totally off the wall no way but mostly you just need to remember it's fiction. FICTION!!! When you're dealing with paranormal especially this holds true. lol I read the funniest novella a while back and it had all these strange magical beings and Amelia Earhart. no kidding. It was kind of funny how they did it so i was ok with it. Like i said it's fiction. There are so many authors out there and lots of them either don't write the sex scenes out or kind of slide over them. If you don't like the sex scenes these are the romance books you should be reading.

    It should be freeing to right fiction unfortunately some people don't see it that way.



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