Books, books and more books.

This morning my mom called to see if I wanted to go to Jamba Juice and Borders with her. I had nothing else to do as I haven’t started back to work yet so I said yes. When she go here she immediately went to my book shelves and started pulling books off to read, now I don’t mind as I know that when she returns them she will have added some more books to my pile. When we got to Borders I immediately went to the new release shelf and started swearing because I hadn’t realized that 4 books had slipped by me. Mom being the mom that she is told me that I cold get A book, however after 34 years of being her daughter I know how to weedle and I got two books out of her.

Now I have the problem of too many books to read. I have the ARC’s that I am reading at the request of the authors (3 in the pile), the books that I checked out from the library (8 in the pile), the books that I have gotten from pbs in the last two weeks (3 in the pile), the books that I have bought and that my mom bought me (4 in the pile), and my book club book. For those that are math challenged like me that is 19 books in my tbr pile right now in my house.

So now I am going from pile to pile reading a bit here and bit there. I have a Million little Pieces in the living room, Slave to Sensation (yes I am reading this book again) by the tub, Darkest Whisper in the bedroom, and Storm of Shadows in the kitchen.

What books are you reading right now, or what is in your tbr pile?



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