Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas it is one of my favorite holidays. I have great memories of Christmas from when I was a child. As a parent it has become even more important to me that I share my favorite things about Christmas with my children, as well as those from Mike’s childhood, so that when our boys are grown they can then pass these along to their children.

One of our families favorite traditions actually comes from Mike’s family. When his parents celebrated there first Christmas 38 years ago his mom didn’t want to throw away the Christmas cards that they had gotten so she kept them and put them up the next year, and hence the tradition began. In 38 years they have never thrown out a Christmas card and hang all 38 years every year. In fact the tree can’t be put up until the cards are hung. So when we got married I kept the tradition alive and hang all the cards every year. This year because of space I didn’t hang them, however everyday my kids go to the mail box in the hopes that there is Christmas cards, as they love this tradition. They gave me some serious flack for not hanging the cards but understood that there was no where to hang them. I also send out almost 200 cards every year, this year however because of finances have shrunk that more than in half. Stamps are expensive.

Another fun tradition is all the Christmas baking that I do. It is the only time of the year where I allow my kids to eat whatever they want. I make christmas cookies (about 4 different kinds), peanut brittle (a recipe that my dad brought home from England and that has been eaten at my house every Christmas since I was a child), toffee, fudge, peppermint bark, and Christmas rice krispies. We then make up plates and deliver them to family and friends. My kids love this because they sing we wish you a merry christmas as they deliver them.

One that Mike and I started when we got together is to go and see all the Christmas light displays around. We had our first date (it was a HUGE group date and blind date on our part) on December 6, and went out by ourselves on December 10th, we went to the Live Nativity (something that has been done here in Vegas for more than 20 years) and then went and saw the Christmas tree at the Bellagio (it was their first Christmas) and the water show. Ever since then every year we go and see all the Christmas lights. We make hot chocolate and walk the displays. When we lived in Albuquerque we would always go and see the River Lights at the Botanical Garden.

Two thing’s however that my boys love that we do is every night we read a Christmas story, and watch Christmas movies.

They love the magic of Christmas. I have a feeling however that this Christmas is going to be the last one where they still believe that Santa is real, they have to believe in the magic of him or at least pretend to or he doesn’t come. It is bittersweet to me knowing that my children are fast growing up, but no matter what they love the Spirit of Christmas.

We have a saying that we hang every year, Christmas isn’t about the presents it’s about His presence. This is one thing that they love, we make a small birthday cake for Christ on Christmas because when they were 4 my boys asked where Jesus birthday cake was because it is his birthday that we are celebrating. Hence a new tradition was born.

So what are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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