COVER REVEAL: The Dark Thief by Amy Lynn Garcia

Title:  Dark Thief

Series:  The Two Sides of Me

Author:  Amy Lynn Garcia

Release Date:  December 2014

Blurb:  Mia and Evan have been through a lot together in a short time. In Dark Thief, the second installment of The Two Sides of Me trilogy, Evan’s alpha male personality explodes when Mia spirals into a near fatal depression caused by his bizarre and dark past.
Short term amnesia following Evan’s car accident that brought these two together originally, seriously complicates their relationship. And as if that weren’t enough, Mia also learns Evan has an brain tumor that could take him from her permanently. When Evan finds he can’t protect Mia from his unknown demons, naturally he begins to use his wealth, connections and fear tactics to manipulate a plan that will return her to his side where he is convinced she belongs.

Don’t miss Dark Thief if you were left shocked and breathless at the end of Dark Kiss you need to come along on this wild ride with Evan and Mia to find out what’s next in their crazy story.

Excerpt:  I can feel his ankles brushing against my own. And then I hear a click what the hell? He’s taking pictures of me! I jump and flip to my back opening my eyes to Evan towering over me with an enormous professional looking camera.

“What the hell Evan? I’m naked!”

“I’m well aware baby now close your eyes and relax, I want some of this side.”

“Evan! No!” It’s then that I look at my arms, and then propping up I see my legs, hell every inch of me! I’m covered in his signature! Evan Lawson is scrawled across my skin in various sizes but the same name over and over, delicate looking font in some places and bold in others. He’s claimed me, quite literally.

Shocked and confused, mouth agape I look up at him as he stands there awaiting my cooperation. “Close your mouth baby, a bird might…” I cut him off “Evan! Why…why is your name…everywhere?” I lift my arms as if to show him what he’s done.

“Because you are mine.”

“And you couldn’t think of a better way to show that?”

“No, I like you covered in my autograph and I’m taking you out tonight to Dominus for dinner and drinks. I know all too well how my customers gawk and I don’t want anyone’s lustful eyes on you.”

I think my mouth is hanging even wider if that’s possible.  He wants me to go out like this, covered in his signature, so that no one will look at me. Ok, he’s totally lost it, I’m not going anywhere like this. “Uh uh, no way, I can’t go out all marked up like this!”

“Lay down Mia I want to get a few more shots.”

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Link for Book #1 – Dark Kiss – Amazon



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  1. Pat L.

    After reading this excerpt, does not sound like something I would read. Sorry.


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