DFRAT: Let’s get the party started!

Yesterday was the official start of DFRAT and I want to say how excited we are to be participating in it with The Book Binge, Tracey’s Place and RR@H Novel Thoughts.

We will have a calendar of events posted on the side of who will be on when and also who is where so you can check them out as well. We will also be posting the digital books that we are reading.

I’ve started the month of with reading Cowboy Cassanova by Lorelei James which is a part of her Rough Riders series and one of my favorite cowboy books.

Janon is reading Mia by J.A. McCorkle which is .99 on Amazon right now and Gnome on the Range by Jennifer Zane.

So come join us as we read and discover new authors and load up our e-readers.




  1. Aurore

    I love the idea of DFRAT. I’ve got a kindle but there are so many things I still don’t know about ebooks. I discovered only recently that some publishers published only ebooks! I can’t wait for your reviews to discover new authors.

  2. ElaineSay

    I am a huge ereader fan! I love discovering new authors so this giveaway is great! Thank you!


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