Discover your Inner Drake Sister

So I saw this at Book Binge and then went and found it on Christine Feehan’s site. Here are my results what are yours?

Which Drake Sister are you?

Here are the results — You are most like Hannah.

sister match her book
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Hannah 85%
You are like Hannah Drake, a true homebody. Your family is your whole world and their happiness is extremely important to you. You are the darling of the family and everyone’s favorite to be around. You believe in an “eye-for-an-eye” revenge when it comes to defending the ones you love. You are extremely beautiful inside and out, but you don’t always recognize your own beauty. You are shy in public, but are the life of the party at home. Your sense of humor often gets you into trouble and you can never resist goodhearted mischief. You are at home in the kitchen and can always be counted on for remembering your loved ones’ favorite dishes. Quick-tempered, bossy men are for you, especially ones who will make you the center of their universe.

Your colors: a spectrum of blue colors

Sarah 65%
Joley 65%
Elle 62% Hidden Current
(to be published: 2009)
Kate 60%
Libby 57%
Abby 45%


  1. Holly

    Aww, I love Hannah! What do you think? Does it fit?

  2. Heather's Fave Books

    I do think it matches.


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