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As most of you know, when Erin Nicholas first launched her Counting on Love series, we hosted a special book chat here on our website – and it was an absolute BLAST!  I had so much fun doing it and spending time with all of you discussing Erin and her books.  I was extremely honored when Erin asked me to host another one for the newest release Up By Five!  Hopefully, all of you can join us this time as well.  We have elected to host it on Facebook this time, and you won’t want to miss it!  The chat is scheduled on APRIL 25th at 8-10 CSTand here is the link to join us:  Erin Nicholas FB Chat   Just like before, the first half hour will be hosted by me, and Erin will join us for the second half – but schedule to be there with us for the whole time because we will have some awesome giveaways and games going on for the whole two hours!  Erin is also just one of those amazing authors who I always enjoy working with, and I am thrilled to get to be a part of it.  We just love her here at TBRG!  I hope to see all of you there for the chat – it’s going to be so much FUN!  

In the meantime, Erin also granted us an exclusive interview with her and a special giveaway for our site, so I hope you will spend the next few minutes getting to know Erin a little better – and then spend some time thinking up some of your own questions for her for the chat on the 25th!

TBRG:  You have quite a few different series of books to choose from (Bradford series, Counting On Love, Anything and Everything, etc.) – which has been your favorite to write and why?

Erin:  I can honestly say that every book and series that I’ve just finished is my favorite.  The Bradfords have a special place, being my first, and because I wrote that entire series over a longer period of time than the others.  But I really do love them all…:)

TBRG:  Out of all the female characters in your books, which one can you most relate to personally and why?

Erin:  Jessica Bradford, the heroine in the first Bradford book, Just Right.  Jessica likes to be in charge and thinks she knows best and feels responsibility for everything and everyone around her.  That’s me…:)

TBRG:  Does any of the characters have traits that you yourself wish you had and if so, what traits would those be?

Erin:  Probably Emma Dixon. Emma is a risk taker and she says what she thinks. I wish I could be more like that sometimes. Her confidence is very appealing to me.

TBRG:  What is one of the most surprising things a fan has told you or confessed to you regarding your books, the characters, etc.?

Erin:  I sincerely love every reader message or e-mail I get. I’m not just saying that J.  I’ve been an avid, prolific, passionate romance reader since I was a teen and I’ve written maybe three authors. So I know that it takes that extra time and effort to find an author’s e-mail and send him or her a message. So they all matter.  I guess I’m always surprised when someone I admire—another author or an editor—tells me they’ve read me and enjoyed my work.

But there are two messages that really stick out to me. One was from a woman who had just lost her father and had been sitting by his bedside in the hospital for several weeks.  She read my entire backlist during that time and she said how much it helped her escape from the real world and how much she appreciated that.  Another was from a woman who was going through a nasty divorce and said that my books, and other romances she was reading, helped her believe that there really was true love out there and that she would find it again.  Both of those have meant a lot to me.

TBRG:  What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Erin:  I wish there was just one part! Lol!  Just kidding.  It’s just that each book seems to be a little different.  Generally, I hate writing the dark moment—that moment when everything seems to have fallen apart and someone’s been hurt and they don’t think they can work it out.  But the beginnings and the ends can be hard too—that first and last scene.  Sometimes they’re the easiest and sometimes it takes forever to get it right. And that’s important—and will literally keep me awake at night—finding the right start and finish.

TBRG:  Whenever you feel yourself needing to find a little bit of inspiration, what are some things you do that help get those creative juices flowing again?

Erin:  Music. Finding a song or group of songs that fit my vision for a book helps a lot. Driving and talking out loud to myself J  Done that with every single book at some point. I also love Pinterest.  Sometimes putting visuals to things—people, houses, even clothes, can help me get into a scene. And sometimes I just have to do something else for awhile.  I usually have a couple of projects going and switching back and and forth used to drive me nuts, but now it works.  It keeps my brain from getting too hung up on something in one project and stalling.

TBRG:  If you could only give one piece of advice to aspiring authors, what would it be?

Erin:  Oh, boy. I could same something flowery and sweet like “never give up” I suppose, but really what I first thought of with this question is this—there’s a difference between being a writer and being an author.

Writers write. They create. They’re happy and fulfilled by telling stories. And that is a beautiful thing.

Authors write things to make money. They are published and are, therefore, getting paid for their stories.  This is a different thing than just creating. Other people get involved in your work. People critique it. You have to think about pricing and marketing and reviews. Frankly, it’s a business and you have to treat it like one. You have to be professional. If you want your work out there, published, for all the world to see, then you’d better be ready.

Be ready for the fact that there will always be someone who doesn’t like your stuff.  Be ready for the fact that at least one someone, and maybe more, will want to change your work (this is what editors are for).  Be ready to bite your tongue, to take the good with the bad, and to accept these realities.

Otherwise, be a writer. That’s a wonderful thing. It’s where we all come from.

But if you choose to be an author… no whining.

TBRG:  One of the things that jumped out to me the most when your reading your books is the amazing connection between the characters – Did you expect people to connect as much with your characters as they have when you first started writing?

Erin:  Lol!  I never expect anything, even now.  You just never know. You create something in your head, you manage to get it onto paper, and you never know how it will be received.  BUT, is it something I’m amazed by and thankful for every day?  Absolutely. When I read that someone really connected with a character, or related to one of them, or wants to have my characters as real friends, then I know I did my job. I told a story that someone can believe in and get lost in.  That’s magical.

TBRG:   Name one scene from any of your books that has been your absolute favorite to write and why.

Erin:  There are so many!  🙂  Okay, the one that first came to mind was the first scene in Just For Fun… where Morgan goes to find Dooley in the bar with all of his friends around.  That was definitely fun!

TBRG:  Where is one of the favorite places you have visited/traveled to/vacationed at, and what did you love most about it?  In addition, where is one place you have wanted to go and still haven’t made it to yet?

Erin:  I love to travel and am very blessed to have gone many, many places I love.  I love Sedona, I love Nashville and New Orleans, I love visiting Washington D.C., I love Hawaii and California and the Pacific Northwest!  I could go on and on…:)  One place I haven’t been that I have on my bucket list is Europe.  Specifically Italy.

Thanks so much for the chance to stop by and visit!!  Love you girls!

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    I Loved the interview. Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone. I love Erin’s books and have every one of them.


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