Finding good authors

I have just spent the last hour surfing all the many reading/book blogs that I have and have seen something very alarming…

Everyone is wondering where all the good contemporary authors/books have gone?

I love a good contemporary book, in fact i have been looking for one for weeks now that was suppose to have come out in Aug and yet I can’t find it anywhere. Tara Janzen’s new book. Then there is one of my favorite authors Vicky Lewis Thompson, I love her Nerd series but do you think that I can find any of hers? NOPE. Thank goodness for Nora Roberts, Sandra Hill, Christina Dodd, and Kasey Michaels to name a few that keep me well supplied.

Then there are the authors that start a great contemporary series like oh I don’t know lets use Mary Janice Davidson as an example here. I discovered her by reading The Royal Treatment, then went on her site and saw that she had book two out The Royal Pain, and even a book 3 The Royal Mess, do you think that I can find those books? NOPE! And why is that because she is now writing her undead series and has left those of us that love the other series in the lurch.

I guess it is all about supply and demand. The demand is up for paranormals, and don’t get me wrong I love those, in case you hadn’t already guessed, but a girl needs some variety in her life.

That is enough of this rant inspired by the ladies over at Book Binge. Thanks girls.



  1. Cindy W

    Have you read Jane Graves? I read one of her books and she’s an autobuy.

  2. Heather's Books

    I forgot all about her, I loved the one book of hers’ that I had read. Thanks Cindy.

  3. RandiLyn

    Hi Heather,
    Have you read Deirdre Martin (she has a great hockey series), Carly Phillips, Susan Mallery, Kathryn Shay (awesome firefighter series).

  4. Holly

    I’m really liking Lori Wilde right now. And Sourcebooks is releasing a book called Romeo, Romeo coming up pretty soon that rocked my socks.

    I’m with you, though. It’s frustrating when an author stops writing a series or when we can’t find the ones we want. Ugh.

  5. Heather's Books

    thank you guys so much for reminding me of other authors that I have read and enjoyed.


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