I was noticing that we have quite a few books here so decided to do a little giveaway this week.

Over the years I have noticed something about myself, what I read depends on the mood I am in and just because I don’t like a book right than does not mean that I will not like it at a later date.  I normally will give most books the ole 3 times and your out philosophy.  So I try to have multiple books around me at all times from all different genres (Kindle has made this so much easier).

What about you, do you tend to stick with just one type of book? If you were to pick up a book right now would it be a Paranormal, Historical or Contemporary?

One lucky commenter will win a nice package of books



  1. Sue K

    Right now I would pick up an historical. As a matter of fact, I am reading The Elusive Bride the second book in Stephanie Laurens Black Cobra quartet.
    I’m like you in that if a book doesn’t hold my interest through at least 100 pages, I put it down. I MAY go back to read it later. I have been reading more historicals lately, but I bounce back and forth between them contemporaries and paranormals.
    Basically, I love to read!!

  2. Tiffany-Ann

    I read almost anything i can get my hands on, but I have noticed when I read a book in a series I tend to want to read them all. At this moment right now if I was to pick up a book at the store it would defiantly be dark fantasy. I am in the middle of a series and their are 2 left in it. I am reading The Black Jewel series by Anne Bishop at this second. 🙂

  3. Edna

    I do have to read only one genre at a time. I usually go through these sort of phases with them. For example, I’ll read a bunch of paranormal romances and then feel like reading YA contemporary. Right now if I had to pick one of those genres listed, I’d go with paranormal. I got into the genre last year and it still feels brand new. With those other two genres, it seems like I haven’t run into any books that intrigue me. I’ve burnt myself out with contemporary (unless it’s YA) after reading it for a few years. I think this year alone I’ve read only two. Historicals have also been a little boring as of late. I’m still collecting titles for my TBR list but I don’t know if I’ll pick them up to read any time soon.

  4. Sara M

    I tend to stay away from thrillers, but other than that I read anything. I had a crazy classic phase where I only read classic literature, then I completely dumbed it down to read silly romance books. It definitely does depend on the mood I’m in. I have a book in my car that I have been trying to read for the past several weeks (which if I like a good book I finish it in a couple days). I will probably come back to this book later and retire it to the shelf for now!

  5. Jane

    I do sometimes choose books based on my mood, but my favorite subgenre right now is romantic suspense and I will more than likely pick up a romantic thriller to read. Other times I find myself reading a few historicals in a row just to have a change of scenery.

  6. Heather-admin

    I have to agree that moods completely influence what we are reading at the time. I know that mine do.

  7. Lisa Hutson

    Of those choices, contemporary. But I have found myself in a mood for something in the mystery area……

  8. Johanna Jochum

    I read on moods too. They vary from week to week! I’m actually reading several right now in different genres. I’m reading Miranda Nevilles historical romance The Dangerous Viscount and Mary Janice Davidson’s A Fish out of Water about a cranky mermaid! My TBR pile is a mixture of, historicals, contemps and paranormal. I like to spice things up so I don’t get bored with one genre! Thanks for sharing today!

  9. Tanya

    I will read just about anything and don’t stick to one certain genre. I will pick up what ever catches my eye or a book that I have heard good reviews about.

  10. Heather S

    Well, I go in phases. One week I am hardcore paranormal/urban fantasy the next I am in a historical mood. Currently, I into light hearted contemporaries. Who knows what will be next.

  11. Pam P

    I’m big on both historical and paranormals, so alternate those genres – how many of one before I switch to the othe depending on my mood. But if it’s a real favorite series, like Nalini Singh’s Psy series, I’ll read that newest one the minute I get my hands on it. Right now I’m reading fantasy, catching up with Lynn Kurland’s Nne Kingdom series.

  12. Erin E.

    I also have phases, right now is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy phase. I am currently reading Face Off by Mark Del Franco and am going to Borders today to pick up Harvest Hunting by Yasmine Galenorn (and I will be at the doors when they open next week for Play of Passion by Nalini Singh!). I have a couple of mystery/adventure on the TBR pile that I will probably get to in a couple of weeks.

  13. CrystalGB

    I read several different romance genres and it depends on my mood at the time which book I pick up. Lately, I have been going back and forth between paranormal and historical.

  14. Maureen

    What I read depends on a lot of things like my mood, the weather, what time of the year it is. Right now I just started an historical which looks like it has a Christmas theme.

  15. Kim Miller

    I typically prefer contemporaries, however, if a person gives me a book to read I will read it regardless of my mood. I don’t really go with my mood I just like a good story that is captivating. If it doesn’t keep my interest I pick up another book. I love books with humor and suspense in them as well, and it can be any genre as well.

  16. Christina G

    I seem to go through phases. I started with historicals (Julie Garwood’s The Secret was what really got me hooked on romance). Lately I have been stuck on Paranormals, and I have two that I am reading right now (one by Nalini, one by Christina Dodd). I very rarely read straight contemporary.

  17. Aurian

    I switch between genres all the time. I have just finished a contemporary, and am now reading a paranormal / urban fantasy with the latest Yasmine Galenorn. Yesterday it was the latest Nalini Singh. And after this one, I am going for the latest Suzanne Enoch, a historical romance. And when I am tired, I like a nice cozy mystery to relax with.
    I can read at most three books in a series back to back, but then I really have to pick up something different.


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