Heather has been challenged….J.R. Ward

I was a HUGE J.R. Ward fan, loved all the Brother’s had my favorite brother V, and ate up all things BDB. I haunted the net for groups and joined every single one of them. Heck I even created one on a mom website that I was on. Then came V’s book, and I hated how he was treated, and what happened to Jane, but she made it possible for them to be together so I let it slide. The next book was Phurry’s and I couldn’t wait to see what she did, and how she would save this brother by having him mate with one of the Chosen.  AND SHE PISSED ME OFF!!! There was absolutely no romance in Phurry’s book, none of what I had come to expect from this series. In fact I felt like she glossed over him and the book was more about the other Brothers and Lash than Phurry. So with back to back books pissing me off to no end I swore off all things J.R. Ward.

I went so far as to move the books to bottom of the bookshelf that never gets looked at and largely ignored them.  The came Rehv’s book, while I was tempted and yes even picked it up in the store and read a bit, I still didn’t break, and put the book back and ignored it, so when John Matthew’s book came out I wasn’t even tempted to get it or look at it, and I had LOVED John Matthew.

Then came the announcement that the next book was Payne, V’s twin sister. Now V is, always has been and always will be my favorite brother. Oh how I waffled, did I finally break down and read the book. I mean come on this is V’s sister. So I let the publisher know that I wanted to read this book, vowing to NEVER read Rehv and JM’s books…that is until I started talking to Kayleigh over at Penguin who is reading them right now and Katie from Babbling about Books who freely admits that this series is her crack.

Between the two of them I was suddenly talking about these guys and plot lines and what we thought was going to happen, still keeping to guns that I wasn’t going to be sucked back in, and was only reading this book because it is Payne’s book. Until today, when both of them told that I HAD to read Rehv and JM’s books.

They both kept telling me that I needed to read these books, I of course ignored them until I started to read LOVER UNLEASHED last night. This morning I started emailing them both about the BDB  and once again they told me I HAD to read these two books and in their own subtle ways challenged me.

What is the challenge? To read Rehv and JM’s books after I finish Payne’s book, and I have accepted. Once I have finished LOVER UNLEASHED I will read LOVER AVENGED and LOVER MINE.



  1. KB/KT Grant

    When I read Phury’s book, I wanted to cry it was so meh. But the Ward redeemed herself with Rehv and JM’s book.

    definitely read Rehv and JM’s because you’ll end up confused as you’re reading Payne’s.

  2. admin (Post author)

    I thought that is what I have you for 🙂

  3. Aurian

    Ooo I so agree with you! I was so disappointed with V’s story myself. But I did love the last two again, can’t wait for the latest one to reach my greedy hands!

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