Hell’s Hilltop by J. A. Dennam

downloadTitle: Hell’s Hilltop

Series: Captive book 3

Author: J. A. Dennam

The fiery Captive Series conclusion that has fans diving for cover:

Burning out of control, Rena Hellberg has rightfully earned her reputation as a maniacal loose cannon. Her checkered past is riddled with holes, and as she faces life in a maximum-security psychiatric ward, fate grants her a second chance. Now she’s free, an escaped convict who is searching for the answers that could either prove her innocence or her guilt. When her murderous journey lands her in bed with the man she’s labeled a traitor, Rena faces her biggest fear of all: losing her heart to the enemy.

As a fireman, Ty Ferguson lives to help those in need. Captivated by Rena’s natural elegance, contradictory attitude, and hidden vulnerability, he can’t deny his building attraction for her. But when he puts it all on the line, the beautiful fugitive proves to be even more sensuous, more unpredictable and more dangerous than originally thought. Is her illness catching up with them both? Can he save her from herself? Or is there more to a story that is bound to end with them both going down in flames?

After Crystal Mac (book 2.5 in the Captive series) left us with the MOTHER of all cliffhangers… I have been waiting impatiently to read the last installment in a series that has kept me on the edge of my seat!! But much like the other books in the series it’s almost impossible to write a review without giving too much away! So here is my non-spoiler review:

The suspense is off the charts! The twists and turns, the ups and downs, you never know who is a bad guy and who is really on their side!! The storytelling is top notch and the hot scenes are smoking HOT! I got to see plenty of Danny, Austin, Derek and Melanie all of whom I fell in love with in previous books. Ty is a firefighter, a hero and a helper. In previous books, Rena has been on everyone’s ‘shit-list’ so to just make everything fall into place would have been boring and predictable. No boring for Ms Dennam… she slipped in another of those blow-your-mind surprises that I DID NOT see coming… made me re-evaluate everything I thought I had figured out about the plot and the course the book would take… I thoroughly enjoyed that this couple had to work for their HEA!!

For me the explanations and the full circle that we took with the series were finished up and delivered with a big red bow. That’s exactly what l want when I see a beloved series end. I’m a big fan of romantic suspense – Maya Banks, Christy Reece, Cindy Gerard, Julie Ann Walker just to name a few… If these authors appeal to you then you definitely need to pick up the Captive series by J. A. Dennam!

We were also given a teaser at the end of the book about being about to “revisit your favorite Captive series characters…” and finding out more about the one tiny story thread that was left unaccounted for… join her exclusive Facebook group to access the free serial starting July 14th. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for these characters in her Mercy of the Lawless serial! #MOTL https://www.facebook.com/groups/JADennamsCharacterCave/

Grade A


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