How many books….

How many books can you read in a day?

I have discovered that when I am bored and have noting to do, or rather when I don’t want to do anything on my to do list I can read about 4 books a these aren’t the small 100 page books, no these are the big 300-500 page books.

I went to the library yesterday to pick up all the books that I have requested and I have already read 5 of them…

Now I have a pile of books to blog about, I am never going to get caught up on this blog, and all my reading. I had better go back to work soon.



  1. sybil

    dunno, anywhere from 1 to 6 prolly

  2. Bookish Ruth

    I can do three per day (300-500 pages) if I’m not working and don’t have many distractions. I guess that means I could do fifteen 100 page books in a day…yikes! And I thought I had a review backlog now.

  3. Heather's Books

    I have a headache from reading so much to day but I am bored…


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