How to Choose

So  I have a decision to make and I think that I am going to leave it up to the author. During the month of February I had a contest where all those that commented on a Cindy Miles post would be entered into a contest to win a complete set of books from the author. So I went to go and compile the list of those that commented to put their names in a hat to draw, and that is when I realized the conundrum that faces me. The only two people that commented on those post were my sister and my sister in law. Now how do I choose between them? I thought about having them fight over them, but then decided not to as they would both just laugh at me. So I think that I am going to leave it up to the author. So Kim and Melanie it isn’t up to me.



  1. Melanie

    I think the choice should be easy – your sister has no time to read (all those kids you know). Where as I don't have enough books, my shelves are empty! And she can always borrow them. See decision easy.

  2. Kim and Tony Miller

    Haha Melanie very funny. However, IO need the books because I have 3 books so after I put them to bed I can escape into another world and forget about the drama of those children. Whereas you live closer to Heather than I do and I am sure she owns all of these books and you can borrow them :). So they should definitely go to me . . .

  3. Christina

    You had a contest? I guess I'm a little behind on reading my favorite blogs. Are the books coming from the author herself?

  4. Heather

    Christina, yeah they are. I am trying to have one once a month regarding the featured author of the month.

    Kim and Melanie, you guys are a riot.


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