I just won an award

So my friend Cindy just gave me an award for my blog. I am so excited as I was feeling like no one read this but me. There are some things that I have to do with award like give out awards to toher blogs. As I was looking over Cindy’s blog and those that she awarded I realized that we read a lot of the same blogs and so I have to go look at some of the other (non book) blogs that I look at. So here are some that I look at fairly regularly.

Christie’s site The Blair Bears is one of my favorites. Christie and I go way back to when we were missionaries in Seattle. As we are both now married with children this is one way that we manage to keep in touch.

Becca is one of my many cousins that blogs and her blog Beccabury Tells is always great fun. You never know what she is going to post about next.

Melissa is Becca’s older sister and her blog melis and aaron is so creative that I have to check it out at least once a week to see what fun new creative thing she has posted.

As I have put down Becca and Melissa I have to be fair and put down their oldest sister Em and her blog Em Snyder…my random thoughts it always filled with her travels and adventures.

So I have to give a shout out to the most amazing photographer in the world, MONIQUE. Every year she makes my family look better and better. As for my boys they could so get modeling jobs with the pictures she takes of them. Her Blog Monique Duke Photography is full of amazing pictures and stories of the shoots.

Okay I think that is all of the non reading blogs that I have, wow there isn’t many. So onto the reading blogs there are only a couple that I read..

Nalini Singh one of my favorite authors and her blog Naling Singh’s Weblog is a must read for me, as she gives us insight into her life and sometimes lets us know ahead of time about her books.

Mary Janice Davidson is another author that I love to read, her blog MJ’s Musing’s is always great fun.

So I think that is enough don’t you, besides I have three books sitting that I need to read and blog about.



  1. monique(moki)

    SWEEEET! Thanks! I didn’t know you had a blog!!!

  2. Nalini Singh

    Heather thanks 🙂


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