I’m so EXCITED (book watch)

Okay so I am a HUGE Christine Feehan fan, and my favorite series of hers is her Drake Sisters series. For those of you that read her and love this series, you know who was introduced in the last book and how it ended with this character. You also know that the series ended with the last book, leaving us wondering about her new series and about this character and how it was going to affect the other person who’s book had already happened.
Today I went to Christine’s website and was looking around for all her new releases and I stumbled across her new series Sisters of the Heart. Now this has been up for awhile however there was never any information. That is no longer the case. The first book has been listed with the location, the hero and the heroine.
The location is Sea Haven
The Hero is Lev Prakenskii or as we knew him in Hidden Currents Sid
The Heroine is Rikki (no last name yet)
Here is the blurb from her website about the book…
I’ve always been intrigued with sea urchin divers and their unique take on life. They’re mavricks and have their own code of honor.  Rikki is a high functioning autistic with sensory dysfunction.  I love her character and enjoy her reactions to things.  My hero, Lev Prakenskii is all about survival.  His instincts and her way of life are on a major collision course!  I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have been while writing their story.

For more click on the link to follow it to her site.

So can I just say that I have plugged this into all of my calendars and this will probably be the book that I look forward to the most. The release date is July 27, 2010.


  1. Christina

    Very exciting news Heather. I am a big Feehan fan and have been rationing out the last few books in both the Drake sisters series and the Carpathian series very carefully so I don't go through such a big withdrawal. It seems to me that we are going to have to wait for a very long time for that book to come out though.

  2. Heather

    I have noticed that her books tend to come out during the summer. Plus there are lots of books coming out this year. By my estimations there are 3-4 good books coming out a month this year, instead of them all coming out at once.


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