In Death Series by J.D. Robb

I am going to do a mass post here of the books that I have read in the last couple of weeks for this series…hopefully after that I will be able to keep up.

Reunion in Death
bk 14

A birthday party sets the scene for a frightening reunion with a killer from Lt. Eve Dallas’s past.

REVIEW: This has to be one of my favorite books, for a lot of reasons. One we get to see more of Roarke, but also because we get to see Eve stripped down and bare.

In this book someone that Eve helped put away when she was working with Feeney, is out of prison for good behavior, and is hell bent on destroying Eve’s life.

She must have forgotten what Eve was like, because Eve is hell bent on putting her back in a cage. In her hunt for this killer Eve and Roarke go to Dallas, where she remembers in vivid detail what happened to her in that hotel room. This only strengthens her resolve to stop Julie (the killer), before she can kill Roarke.

This is one of the best books in the series in my opinion, but then again I like all the books in this series.

Purity in Death
bk 15

Lt. Eve Dallas must face the impossible: track down a new computer virus can spread from machine to man.

REVIEW: Okay so I admit it I am a Eve and Roarke junky as I love all these books. This one I really liked because of all the characters that are in the book.

In the quest to stop this virus, McNab is hurt and it is quite serious. Feeney is held hostage, and Roarke the ex-criminal tells Eve that the dept will have unlimited funds for whatever the person holding Feeney hostage wants.

There is also the part when Eve looks around the table in her office at all the people that are there, to help stop the madmen that created the virus, but also as support for McNab and she realizes that even though she and Roarke and grown up with no family they had created there own.

For me that was what this book was all about, Eve realizing that those that she complained about being in her life, were in actuality her family.

Portrait in death
bk 16

Lt. Eve Dallas faces a serial killer who offers his victims eternal youth by taking their life.

REVIEW: This book was more about Roarke I felt, as he finds out things about him and family that he had never known, and that rocks him to his core.

In the midst of this personal turmoil, because as Roarke is off his game and locking Eve out of his life, she has to find and stop a serial killer. All of this puts Eve of her game, as she isn’t sure what is going on with Roarke, and someone is killing college students.

She finally knocks Roarke on his ass, and discovers what has crawled up his butt, and kicks his butt. Once she discoverst that, she is sorta back on track, but not quite steady as he leaves town to deal with the discoveries that he has made.

Before she stops this killer, he takes the life of someone close to a semi-friend of Eve’s and the gang, and also almost takes the life of Trueheart.

These were all read as part of the Spring 09 Reading Challenge…Read a series
Here are the rankings of these books…
Reunion in Death 4.5 out of 5
Purity in Death 4.5 out of 5
Reunion in Death 5 out of 5


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