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So I blame Rowena over at Book Binge and my sister in law Melanie for this one. I have never been a real big fan of Lisa’s. I had tried one of her books years ago and didn’t like it. So I haven’t read another of her books. My sister in law has tried for years to get me to read her, and I have resisted. However a couple of weeks ago I got sent an email with the short story of Win and Kev’s wedding and I loved it. So I asked Melanie if she had the series, knowing the answer already.

I read all three books in 2 days and wanted more. Then I read Rowena’s post over at Book Binge about who was better Sebastien or Derek. Now really all the girls over there have been raving about her so I asked Melanie if she had Derek’s book, already knowing that she has Sebastien’s book because I had gotten it for her. I read it all today. I am hooked. I called her and asked for more. I then saw that Casee had just posted her review of this same book So ladies my husband thanks you as I now have another author that I have to read.




  1. Rowena

    You're hooked, YAY! I must know what you think about Derek's book. Will you be reviewing it soon? I'm also dying to find out what side of the debate you'll fall under.

    Long live the Cravenators! =P

    Happy reading, you have loads of great LK reads to read. She's great! What book did you read that you didn't care for? I'm just too nosy to let that one slide. =)

  2. Holly

    I'm so glad you're enjoying Kleypas. I've been hooked on her from the beginning, but I know many others needed convincing (*coughRowenacough*).

    I'm curious to know who's side you fall on as well. It's really all about St. Vincent, just in case you were wondering. *g*

  3. Heather

    I can't remember what book it was that I didn't like. It has been so long that I will probably like it now. As for where I will fall in the debate you will have to see after I read Sebastien's story.

  4. The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after

    Lisa is cake as far as I'm concerned, I just love her. Thanks for sharing.
    All the very best


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